PNP Gives Horne Ultimatum – December 9 2020

PNP Gives Horne Ultimatum - December 9 2020 1


  1. @17:33 Does she mean “pace yourself”? why would you “space yourself”? i am going to apply to be a newsreader in JA because the competition doesnt appear to be hard at all….

  2. Mr. Tufton is needed at the princess Margaret Hospital in ST Thomas Jamaica my grandson was there around 9am on12/8/2020 he was in distress and no one render assistance to him until it was to late he died

  3. The government need to build a app with all the taxes that operate in Jamaica, before a passenger enter into the taxi they can enter the plate number and it will let Them know it the taxi is real

    1. Who fool who # my boss don’t need pnp and jlp they all need and have to be running to him for funs.. do you even know who is normon Horne?

  4. Do not try to pronounce the name and then beat your tongue sir thank you we do understand I am so happy to hear the good news then we do not have to encounter with the governor general ever again I’m dying for that day to come I do not see the purpose of the governor general if anyone out there see the purpose of him I do not see the purpose

  5. Phillips musy mad if Jamaica move the queen Jamaica would a mash up wid them corrupt politician yah …we need the queen fi over see dem

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