PNP - 'House On Fire, but...' | $20M for Brown's Town Market | TVJ Midday News - July 19 2021 1

PNP – ‘House On Fire, but…’ | $20M for Brown’s Town Market | TVJ Midday News – July 19 2021


Days after the resignation of four senior members of the People's National Party (PNP) analysts are looking at the way forward for the Mark Golding led organization.

Introduction – 0:00
Proposal to Transfer Chief Public Health Inspector for St. Catherine – 3:53
Improvements at Brown's Town Market in St. Ann, Jamaica – 9:08
Taxi Operators: No JUTC for Rural Areas – 13:15
Vaccination for Jamaica Premier League Players – 19:07

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  1. I don’t think Jamaica would ever ever get Johnson and Johnson supply each time he come up with a different story him lie

  2. Seaga did have to deal with gangs of 5 and Gang of 11 in the 80s and it’s the PNP time to deal with their disunity

  3. Hope they can rebuild might be the best thing for the party wish them all the best there was too much infighting going on

  4. Too much Tribalist in the party, let them go, it’s all about themselves, and not about the party or the country..

  5. By the way, have the PNP repaid Trafiguras US$20 million yet? Or is that too embarrassing a question?

  6. There is always a time and place for new blood. Stalwarts they may be but they were no always stalwarts. I think every organization at some point needs new blood.

    1. The leader is doing the right thing…open up the party to new blood..all these corrupt ones are doing is just exposing that they have no loyalty to the party

  7. Everyone wants to be cheif no one wants to wait his turn to lead.there can only be one leader at a time!

  8. All these resigned ones doing is exposing their non loyal commitment to the party…the party must be open up to fresh faces!

  9. Been here in the states for over 37 years and know a thing or two: philosophy played a role but the Republicans feared Trump (and still do) base on his popularity with the base.

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