PNP Not in Support of SOE Extension | SOE May End on Saturday | TVJ Midday - Nov 26 2021 1

PNP Not in Support of SOE Extension | SOE May End on Saturday | TVJ Midday – Nov 26 2021


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  1. My question is, how did these Guns came in the Countrty in the first place? Who’s responsible for our shores?

    1. Lots of druggists and scammers are the importers. They all need to be assassinated and their assets turned over to us the tax payers.

  2. The government need to revisit the law books and put stiffer measures in place…Faith without work is death likewise SOE without stiffer penalty is not sufficient

  3. The pnp is Jlp okay πŸ‘ think of the police πŸš” them money πŸ’° that is take the money from Reid to pay the police πŸš” them okay πŸ‘

  4. Until minimum mandatory gun sentences are enacted, them boys are never going to stop the killing.
    5 year for the gun
    2 years for every round
    Plus the sentence for the crime committed or not. And they must not run concurrently. I bet they’ll stop their foolishness.

  5. The government needs to turn to intelligent policing and to do that the current minister of security and the commissioner of police πŸš” need to go they don’t know what it takes

  6. Mi nah bias …..the 2 party a play politricks…..Pastor Peter need Fi sit down still…….we need to take running this country serious….no strategy is being developed….

  7. Only we the people can solve crime. The level of crime in this country is reflecting our cultural behavior. That is why it is so hard to stem crime. It has to start with the mindset of the people.

  8. Is not pnp not supporting SOE is a few rich people who are safe and have body guards they dont live in board house

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