PNP Opposes Mandatory Vaccination | TVJ News - Oct 11 2021 1

PNP Opposes Mandatory Vaccination | TVJ News – Oct 11 2021


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  1. I agree wit u on no mandate. But to say people should get paid to put their lives in danger is a donkey statement. Even tho nuff Jamaicans a belly lick type and will love ur suggestion.

    1. @Remy Boyz What good is $10000. when you no longer have your health or life?? Did you know that life insurance companies will Not pay out for your death if you have taken an Experimental medicine? So who will look after your family, the govt??

    2. @Remy Boyz that’s why them keep the people in poverty that when things like this an election they give them a night dinner

    3. @Peter bryian exactly and another thing some people of Jamaica are so brain washed by them, last year when the We- care program was going on some people see it as a means to vote for this man because they thought he really cared for them but he was only tricking dem

  2. Finally someone sensible speaking.
    This should be the choice of each person.
    Voucher will not provide enough assistance if something adverse happens.

  3. I am a nurse and I will not take any of the Vaccines that they have here now, so if they mandate Vaccines taking, I will give up my job before I take any of these so called Vaccines and many of my colleagues are planning on leaving the nursing profession if that’s what it takes.
    The Jamaican people are calling for the Cuban Vaccines, why are the Prime Minister ignoring those calls? If he wants the country to be fully Vaccinated, bring the Vaccines that the people are calling for, why is he pushing the people to take these Vaccines that they do not believe in? This is the reason why many people do not want to take these Vaccines, he is putting too many emphasis on them when they do know that they are very lethal.

    1. It’s getting worst by day, 3 days ago him say new policies are coming because him want 1 million persons to be vacinated by November.

    2. @maxine corniffe that’s right. Thank you for saying it like it is my love.
      Sometimes I make the mistake and call this a vaccine but I know we all know that this is not a vaccine it’s gene therapy. Why the hell would I want that inside the very fabric of my physical being?

    3. The Pm and opposition are all intelligent. They know how to debate and argue and based on the data, They know that this is gene therapy but because of greed and money they choose to sacrifice the very people they swore to serve and protect. Why don’t they stand up like our heroes did and fight for what is right???Sometimes the pm and all of them cause some of us to question the thing that is unquestionable (The truth). We are not fools and we know, say them know, say we know that them leading the people astray…last thing I heard they coming with vaccine pill. People let us stand our ground. Whatever form the evil appears in, let us detect and reject it.

  4. And though the Forrest was shrinking, the trees kept voting for the axe, for the axe was clever and convince the trees that since his handle was made of wood, he was one of them.

    1. @JOVI & NEWLISSA So true! Just like how a lot of people don’t know that comprehend means to understand…….

  5. More dialogue is still needed. Research is being done on vaccinated people losing their hearing and women having bleeding issues. Open up the lines of communication let us share information and talk.

  6. My wife and i are trying to have a baby and she already having issues. So how do i know this isn’t going to make it worst ?

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