PNP Presidential Election set for Nov. 7th – September 27 2020

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  1. Oooh boy, here we go the rise of COVID19 again……Mr Bro Gad assign people to oversee this rubbish please, because in times like these we just want the country to recover so that our economy can be strengthen

  2. 🏃🏇😆🏇🏃🏇One must win but JLP a run left hunu Ina the next Election 💚💚🌎💚 None can be trusted Ina the PNP party 😜 🤔🤔

  3. I don’t think the true leader to lead the PNP has surface yet.. The leader is someone not yet in politics but highly qualified..He or she is out there in wider Jamaica..New face with new ideas, new plan to lead the new PNP..It’s new era! It’s a different time! s different world! That young Brite mind is out there and we are asking u to step forward!!!

    1. That’s exactly what we need to grow the country! Our exports are terrible! We import 123 billion worth of food last year, most of which we can produce…. the country not running good. Our country productivity statistics is atrocious! Been this way before PJ days…..

  4. No matter who the PNP select they are going to lose the next two General elections just stay in opposition for the next 15 years at least.

  5. Lisa Hanna is the one, let’s give her the full support she needs to persivare and brings the party to power in the next general election, the 43rd miss world beauty queen 👑 lisa Hanna

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