PNP Standing by General Secretary | TVJ News - May 27 2021 1

PNP Standing by General Secretary | TVJ News – May 27 2021


the People's National Party PNP is this evening standing firm in support of its general secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell amid serious allegations made against him by party member Karen Cross, the party has also rejected calls for Dr. Campbell to resign.

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  1. Their is a alligation that’ need to be investigated. This is getting more contradicting that I thought.

  2. The lady should be held accountable because if it is true she knows about it for years according to what she says. That’s like hiding a criminal in your home and know that he is wanted. I think this is a personal vengeance.

  3. Like George Wright, he should resign. Cant be strong on one and soft on the other for equally egregious acts.
    Bunch of hypocrites

    1. This is two different cases and circumstances, one incident was caught on camera, so there is evidence to the allegations. The other case is a third party accusing someone of a crime, for which she failed to present any evidence to the police when they requested it. Now if the current documents are valid & the accusers and victims can present themselves in court or to the police then, they should seek to charge him with a crime. Don’t conflate the two things, we all saw the man beating the woman, which is wrong. Now show the receipt for what this man is being accused of & then you can say he should resign.

    2. @Mel Johnson It has not yet been proven to be him in a court of law, its the same thing. Both cases are being tried in the court of public opinion and in light of such strong allegations coming forward, Dayton Cambpell should step aside and demit himself of public office.
      Or are the PNP shielding an ALLEGED rapist?

    1. Alan Scott… You cannot say that, suppose it was your family this man molested, wouldn’t you want justice!!!, This is the reason why some of us as victims are afraid to come out and talk, because we are branded as liars, Dayton Campbell could be guilty.

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