Poilievre accused of inflating membership numbers | Question Period

Poilievre accused of inflating membership numbers | Question Period 1


  1. If u signed up around 10 15 thousands members… u have no chance jean… numbers have been confirmed somewhat by the party…

    1. You clearly didnt listen to the video.
      It’s like federal elections even if you have the most votes, it doesn’t mean you won .

  2. Charade can’t believe it because he’s projecting his own ineptitude onto Poilievre’s resounding success in this campaign.

  3. Pierre has ALways (pronounced AL-ways) fought inflation, his record on that issue is astounding. It’s cute to see Charest make a vain attempt calling Pierre’s numbers a form of inflation.

  4. The 311000 members that joined Pierre poillievre had to pay at least $15 and also declare that they are Canadian citizens.

    1. I paid for my membership to vote for Pierre and I’ve never voted conservative before. Time for a change in Canada.

  5. My prediction Poilievre wins Conservative leadership and goes on to be PM by a landslide. He’s one of the few politicians that actually cares about Canadians and has the competence to do right by our country.

    1. @Rick Baker That’s fine, 10’s of millions do like him and would like to see life return to some semblance of normalcy.

  6. His numbers may be correct . I got my membership and my mother who still lives in Ontario who always voted Liberal has gotten her Conservative membership.

  7. The fact he didnt just accept defeat gracefully says a lot about how many he got and that hes not going to win.

  8. this guy is dangerous, 1st questions he never answers , always deflect, i was in quebe when he was in charge in QC ,, his track record speaks for itself.

  9. This is nasty. How can memberships numbers be inflated when ppl pay money out of their own pocket to support a candidate 😂😂.It is what it is. Give credit to PP when it’s due.

  10. Charest is so slimy! He will never win. His constant attacks on Poilievre show clearly that he knows who will win.

  11. I’ve never had a conservative membership before but I do now. Pierre has my vote. Helps to talk sense and listen to citizens.

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