Poilievre grills Trudeau on foreign interference in Canada

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre continued to grill Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on allegations of foreign interference in Canada.

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  1. JT told injured veterans that they are asking for more than Canada can give, then turned around and helped fund a war in another country (non NATO) on a completely different continent…

  2. I love how JT deflects all the time and implies that Conservatives and other Canadians are disgusting for wanting to know the facts. We deserve to know.

    1. @gagestandingready1472  I’m about as anti-trudeau as it gets. I’m just pointing out that this time, he did answer the question. But per the usual, he did it in a roundabout way to avoid bad soundbites and run out the clock.

      I’m very hopeful about this, the liberals are stalling for time which is a flashing warning that they’ve got skeletons in the closet.

    2. @Venz JT told injured veterans that they are asking for more than Canada can give, then turned around and helped fund a war in another country (non NATO) on a completely different continent…

    3. @venz8201  I think you misunderstood my reply to you. I didn’t assume you were a JT fan boy. I was actually complimenting the fact that you are better at answering the question then him lol

  3. Unbelievable he never and refuses to answers a straight answer to any questions from any member of parliament! All JT’s answers are wishy-washy with explanations of how the process is done! There are questions that need a yes or no but are never answered with a yes or no. Just his explanation of how the process works! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  4. No one in the house wants to put any Canadians who work at CSIS at risk, except for Justin, who wants to investigate (and likely prosecute) the CSIS agent that leaked the report.

  5. This Prime Minister has no shame nor do the Liberals who continue to ignore his depravity. It is a sad time for our country.

  6. I voted Liberal. I am disgusted by JT behavior and will never vote Liberal again. I’m tired of the divisiveness and being called racist for wanting to know the simple truth.

  7. Almost any one of Trudeau’s 39 member Cabinet would fill the role of Special Racketeer perfectly.

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  9. LOL – all I need to see is “yes or no” and it becomes apparent that pierre’s legal team probably cooked up another gotcha question 🤓
    If only they could turn their acrimony to greedy, price gouging oil and gas companies and large grocery chains.

    1. Poilievre : how old are you ?
      Trudeau : it’s Wednesday .
      Facts: Justin Trudeau was a Christmas gift to Canada in 1971, it’s Thursday, and Mr Trudeau’s answers are never limited to 2 words.

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