Poilievre mocks debate he skipped: ‘I’d rather be out here talking to real people’

Poilievre mocks debate he skipped: 'I'd rather be out here talking to real people' 1


  1. Pierre is worth 9 million, he’ll be fine, but I have a question why is the fine for ethics violations only 300? Fines for politicians that are corrupt should be starting at 25 grand!

    1. @T lowered my middle class income tax and increased taxes on the wealthiest, tackled climate change, done decent (compared to other countries) with handling the pandemic, medical assistance in death, being unequivocally on social issues and science (stark contrast to the conservatives), Canada child benefit, subsidized daycare deals achieved with conservative provincial governments, reinstate the long form census, increased infrastructure spending, increased immigration…

    2. @T now tell me without deflection, what has Pierre Poilievre accomplished for Canadians over his 18 years of political experience?

    3. @Thrill House so the federal court of Canada just came out and said that Trudeaus mandates had no basis in science. Trudeau has missed every climate target he has ever set, and he has already flown some 150,000 kms on private jets just this year. His carbon footprint is enormous, and Canada GHG emissions have grown steadily every year since he took office. He has increased the wealth gap and made it harder for middle class income families by removing tax incentives, and his ridiculous housing policy has made it virtually impossible for poor and middle class to ever afford a house. His infrastructure bank hasn’t completed a single project and has magically lost 30 billion dollars. No one cares about the census when basic services are in shambles. 10 months to get a passport… maybe. Could you please provide another list of Trudeaus failures, this is fun

  2. Considering the fiasco that the previous two debates were, one could hardly blame anyone for not participating in the third. Charest’s entire campaign seems to be just to bash Poilievre. To me, that’s just dirty politics. I receive the emails from all the candidates, because I’m a party member, and Charest’s emails are by far the least informative about what he stands for. That is, other than bashing his opponents. I haven’t watched the third debate yet, so maybe there is some useful information there but I’m not optimistic.

    1. Not trying to blame Poilievre for not attending. Condemning instead. This goof isn’t leadership material.

  3. You’ve got to give Charest one thing: he’s consistent. Like all true Liberals, he doesn’t give a straight answer to a direct question.

    1. At least he is there to face those who voted for him. Not speaking behind the dozen in a class room. What about those who voted for this DT look alike? Lol… No wonder PC keep losing. A joke.

  4. This debate covered nothing new. The candidates had this sprung on them when they already had plans to campaign elsewhere. Maybe if they were going to discuss some different topics the other 2 would have attended.

    1. @nhlpa17 5 times he fled parliament to avoid question period. if you want to hold a standard at least have to integrity to hold it across party lines.

  5. One of the questions they were asked was what they like to binge on Netflix….that was a real question they asked …he’s right to mock it. He was right to skip it.

    1. dam fools grow up, Your kids need you to be responsible, not a child of the state! Look at the state of things!

  6. The last thing the free world needs is another vindictive politician, and a debate that debases rather than exemplifies.

  7. Trudeau doesn’t show up for debates either. Strange don’t see you saying the same about him….

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