1. @Drwzer The difference here is that Pierre worked and earned his spot from a middle class family. It’s very impressive to become a MP at such a young age and stay there. Unlike Trudeau who was born into a life of money and privilege that not many will ever get to experience. With out the Trudeau name he would not be here.

  1. My husband and I are 70 yrs old and he is thinking about going back to work if things don’t get better as we won’t be able to keep our house. Can’t keep up with the price of everything rising prices of energy and food.

    1. Could anyone who is 70 years of age now have predicted what state this country might be in today? Absolutely not. Just when you think you can retire and live modestly…… nope, surprise! More tax, more inflation, more tax, more tax and more tax. The Trudeau family should weather this storm completely unscathed though, thanks to your tax dollars. I hear Costa Rica is nice. Too bad you retirees won’t see it now. Maybe Justin could send you some pictures.

    2. @Sue Blanchard I can understand if this went on for years how this would be a significant concern, but one year of moderate to high inflation should be manageable, especially after a decade of very low inflation.

    3. @Z Tracks I agree. Pay property tax based on the amount you bought the house for. That would curb the speculation market and seniors would be secure knowing they won’t get booted out from crazy tax increases.

  2. Some one that has never gone grocery shopping or done a personal budget should not be in the business of spending money responsibly. Thank you Pierre . We all knew it and you are calling them out.

  3. $10 says David Akin presents himself as a victim online within 24-hrs, for the backlash he is about to receive for these shenanigans.

    1. @donald weisenheim if it were up to Pierre Poilievre he would have made every Canadian buy crypto currency and every Canadian would have lost everything

  4. Not gonna argue that the Libs have been spending too much money in years when they shouldn’t. Libs tend to do that. I think Paul Martin was one of the few who did different.

    1. Paul Martin balanced the budget by lowering transfer payments to the provinces.
      I could balance my budget by not paying bills too.

    1. Yes, that is how you fight inflation. Just because you and Pierre don’t understand that doesn’t make it not true

    2. @Daniel House Lol no its not. You cut spending and raise interest rates, increased spending is how we got the inflation we have now.

  5. Looking forward to your policies….we are looking to you for leadership Pierre Poilievre. I also can relate to your personal story. Congratulations on your wonderful political campaign.

  6. What about changing the tax brackets to compensate for inflation. 40K, 50K per year is within poverty level for many places in this country.

  7. We need a government who’s concern is on the health of the economy and Pierre is the path to that healthy future 🇨🇦

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