Poilievre using inflation woes to tap into ‘anti-establishment’ sentiment: Nanos | TREND LINE

CTVNews.ca's Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos break down the Conservative Party's leadership race and discuss Pierre Poilievre's 'anti-establishment' rhetoric.

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  1. Poilievre knows what he is doing, and has been saying the same things all along…he is the best chance for our country. Yes we should discount Charest….he is a Liberal….

    1. @Foxy Joe : Printing and spending money recklessly is what is driving current inflation, the overwhelming evidence is staggering and it is by design…..and it was all foretold from the beginning. Backing money with thin air rather than gold has made fiat money worthless, printing more of it lessens its value causing inflation.
      Farmers being directed by governments to destroy crops engineers the shortage you speak of, it also causes inflation and yet again…it’s by design. In this day and age, a lack of supply in the face of ever increasing demand in a globally connected world only happens if engineered….naivety not withstanding.

    1. @The globe is DEAD I feel that you need a real education on Politics. Pierre would never get elected Federally. I am No Fan of the Liberals or any Party at this time. Taking a wait and see for the results of the new Conservative leader

  2. Bank of Canada misjudged the inflation trend and accelerated the devaluation of the Canadian dollar. So far they haven’t fixed their mistakes and changing the governor of Bank of Canada seems a reasonable request.

    1. it’s not anti establishment…. it’s anti terrible govt. i can vote liberal if need be…. and i have…. but i won’t vote liberal currently. and it has nothing to do with anti establishment. it has everything to do with inept and ethically challenged govt. thus i will vote conservative.

    2. @John Konrad If youve been paying attention then yoy’ll know that the 99% of the stock market is now in a bear market. And the main reason is government over spending

  3. Lower interest rates, stop printing money, get rid of the carbon taxes, lower taxes, stop giving our tax dollars to corporations and businesses, stop giving our tax dollars to other countries, and stop giving our tax dollars to international organizations. Keep our tax dollars in Canada for Canadians and Canadian infrastructure.

    1. Ehhh I enjoy the sentiment on the carbon tax, corporate welfare, and foreign aid, and printing money but in the short run interest rates do need to go up for a bit. The higher interest rates will probably cause a mild recession but that is the medicine we have to take to get inflation under control. There is no magic fix where we have a roaring economy and the 2% inflation we come to expect. Trudeau and the incompetent morons at the Bank of Canada have completely mismanaged the economy. I would predict that the Target for the Overnight Rate will have to hit about 4.5% (up from it’s current 1.5%) in order to tackle this inflation by the end of 2023.

    2. @Sean Downey i think your low on your estimates ….i lived through the 25% intrest in the early 80tys!!

  4. We bought memberships just so we could vote for the new PM of Canada 🇨🇦 , Pierre Poilievre 👍 👌

  5. The chairman of Bank of Canada and his other colleagues will not only have to be fired, but also have to prosecuted to the fullest to put them in prison for life.

    1. Prison? No, no, no.

      Here’s a better idea: given them an all-expenses paid, one-way trip to an Antarctic ice sheet. They can then spend their remaining days (hours?) happily playing with the penguins.

  6. Stop saying “our institutions” BOC is not ours. It’s “independent” and that’s the problem. They’re not accountable to the Canadian tax payer.

  7. Why is it that when Pierre tells the truth about the state of affairs in the government it is called blame or taking advantage of a situation. The truth is the truth. Canadians know what the situation is we are living it.

  8. Seeing all this Pierre targeted reporting really makes it seems like he has a REAL chance at giving Justin a run for his money, compared to other who have tried and failed like Scheer and O’Toole

  9. Hmm, Pierre is actually making sense to me these days. I will definitely not vote NDP and Liberal, maybe Pierre will get my vote.

  10. “The establishment” has only themselves to blame for losing Canadians’ trust. The day of reckoning can’t come soon enough! You reap what you sow…

    1. yes yes alternate reality where “the establishment” even exists. Please mind those talking caterpillars. Sounds like they’ve been sending messages in your sleep to you

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