1. @Michael TNK did you forget the pandemic? The social and cultural issues? The political divide in the USA?

    2. I hate when robots don’t even respond… at least Alexa says if she can’t hear you, but the man clearly said, where should we stand?

      Then… No response at all, the robot only responds with “you are under arrest” I don’t think they programmed it for questions yet.

    1. Someone said “sometimes you have to go to war to get peace. If you think pigs will stop if they think there is no retaliation, you’re stupid. Killing pigs in my estimation is the best way to stop this.”

  1. this made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. talk about a perfectly encapsulated picture of what is happening in this country.

    1. I live in Minneapolis, about two miles straight west from the epicenter of action around the Third Precinct. It’s like being in a war zone. I can’t believe Omar was being arrested by the cops; everything is surreal.

    2. Definitely. Didn’t feel natural at all when they went after that one person running. And it’s funny how they only had one actor *cough* I mean “protestor” to try and make this believable lol! Where are ALL the other protestors and rioters? I don’t hear any yelling or screaming. Why was there only just that ONE loosely hanging around conveniently by the camera crew? It was staged

    1. @Val Vaz they were clearly being non violent and just reporting the news. No need to try and justify these horrible cops actions

    2. Cause its fake!! Pay attention!! Ask urself, #1 y are they holding a line and no one is around?? #2 when cam turns around to see arrest of a paid idoit, there is no one around at all!! This is complete BS!!

    1. Ita because trumps.biggest enemy in the news IS CNN..sooooo..arrest. Those fools..violent the constitutional rights and amendments – “Cuz I have Ultimate Power”. Smh..

      Might as well.be in China l.a.f.

    1. For a good reason I’d say. He’s black guy interacting with american police officers

  2. They are literally repeating the same BS training that started this mess.. we are done dor..

    1. Rocco yes they were actually. It’s confirmed that’s apart of their training is holding a suspect down by their neck smh

    2. @All Money In Where is that confirmed? When I was on the force it was known and taught that restraint like that dangerous and deadly. If they were trained that way, the officer wouldn’t have been arrested

  3. We are watching the beginning stages of the collapse of our country. It’s all going to fall apart and come crashing down.

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