Police Attacked in St. Ann – October 19 2020

Police Attacked in St. Ann - October 19 2020 1


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11 Comments on "Police Attacked in St. Ann – October 19 2020"

  1. Attacked*

  2. Tamara Russell | October 21, 2020 at 11:48 AM | Reply

    What wrong with these people

  3. The Coolest thangs | October 21, 2020 at 11:52 AM | Reply

    We need more advancements in our justice system , referring to police personnel’s and law enforcement officers . They Need more advanced protection and proper safe zones . More equipment and to be more aware of the sorounding , as a country we can’t have more law enforcement dying than criminals . Criminals should be dying more than police . Y’all need to change this . Y’all gonna drive this country to the ground with the weak infrastructure .

  4. Disgusting…smh…ignorant

  5. A good caa unu pm neva set no example wen dem keep 9 nite fi shahine robinson

  6. Lawless generation, and them want to go to heaven when they die….

  7. They do not have no respect for life that do not have no respect for they self and more less anybody else and that is sad

  8. It’s high time for the enforcement arm of the law to fearlessly step up and tame these unruly people before it becomes much harder. Jamaicans must have more discipline and respect for the law! Enough is enough!

  9. It’s two sides to every story..if the police did appear in a decent manner the people would cooperate but these pow pow don’t no how to talk to grown people

  10. That is why I don’t believe in a democratic country like Jamaica leaders a play nice country like Jamaica with unlawful people .outa all a them that is why seaga will always be my favorite because when hem lay down is law it stand .them people ya sick mi stomach

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