Police Body Cam Video Shows First Interaction Between George Floyd And Officers | Deadline | MSNBC

Police Body Cam Video Shows First Interaction Between George Floyd And Officers | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. That one young man who took the fake $20, saying Floyd would still be alive right now if he just gave him back the $20 instead of getting police involved.
    Not your fault, young man. Not your fault. 🥺

    1. Anytime someone trys to pay with counterfeit money that is a FEDERAL crime. You should absolutely notify law enforcement.

    2. @No Drama dude was just a mess, 40 somethin runnin arround doing petty crimes to get high on serious drugs while his kids are in another state.

    3. @Molan Labe United We Stand he’ll be alive if that officer wouldn’t have had his knee on his neck for 9 minutes.

    4. @No Drama Wrong. He would be alive if that officer didn’t put his knee on his neck for 9 minutes. George Floyd’s alleged crime is not on trial here, Derek Chauvin’s actions are. Even if Floyd did commit a felony, that is absolutely no justification for his life to be taken. If George Floyd was white literally none of this would’ve happen. I bet the store clerk would’ve never called the police.

    1. Corn Trader, do you really think they are going to show the 1 hour long footage, name one news piece that stays on the scene for the duration of an incident, they always cut away. You all act like this some scheme when it is NOT. Your post only shows your stupidity

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis I think the “editing” in this clip is the reason this video has gotten so many dislikes, either from trolls or just people who fail to understand that evidence is provided in such a way to stregthen a case. Editing a video for 2 or 3 minutes worth of footage is perfectly normal since X amount of video not given as evidence will be nothing more than not much happening.

      To further highlight my point, during Trump’s second impeachment (brought up in this thread by that other person) they did exactly this.

    1. Did you actually listen to the video? They explain why. Cursing & gun pointed at human face. Rewind and try again. Seems that’s a narrative you’re trying to fit. It’s not that deep.

    2. LISTEN TO THE VIDEO. News airs on live TV not just on you tube land you trump nut. And yes people think you’re a bunch of nut jobs

    3. @Mark G I didn’t copy and paste anything but nice to know you’re following people around on you tube. 🙄

  2. I didn’t think it was possible to show the whole video, and still lie about what happened….. well, I guessed wrong….

    1. @Richard Robinson why thank you capt caveman!! I see the Moors taught you people from the caves rather well. Walking upright is a lot better than all fours… RIGHT? 🤣

    2. @S__ R Floyd’s toxicology report by Andrew Baker, Hennepin County’s Chief Medical examiner The autopsy revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.”
      “If Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors [the examiner] would conclude that it was an overdose death.
      The Minneapolis Police Department trained their officers to restrain suspects by putting their knee on their neck It is what cops are trained to do when someone is moving around resisting arrest. Like it or not, same thing happened in 2016 Dallas TX 3 cops 1 guy can’t breath and dies nothing really happened to the cops This guy had cops on him for 14 mins compared to floyds 7 mins fyi victim was white.

  3. You know, when you mute and blur so much of the video, it just makes it look like you’re hiding something.

    1. @Taylor Schuller the man was scared when the cop knocked on his window, then the cop pulled a gun and pointed it at his face, Floyd even said why he was scared and nervous because he had been shot, and there was NO struggle, Floyd got out of his care and they cuffed him.


    3. @Sabastian Bragg I wasn’t saying anything about the officer pulling his gun, I was pointing out that a citizen watching the video can NOT assume Floyd is doing something when they can not see everything. I made my point in the last post to Taylor

  4. I saw the full original of this video last year, nothing blurred out, good sound throughout. Why has it been altered?

    1. @Biden Has Dementia

      – Two autopsy reports said the manner of George Floyd’s death was a homicide. Neither said the cause of his death was a fentanyl overdose.

      – The Hennepin County medical examiner found fentanyl in Floyd’s system, but the autopsy said the cause of his death was “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law-enforcement subdual restraint, and neck compression.”

      – Experts told the Washington Post they did not believe Floyd died from the fentanyl.

      Source: politfact

    2. @Red Dwarf obviously it’s up to the courts, that’s why we’re having the discussion here, and not Minneapolis district court, any other platitudes you’d like to put forth?

    1. @MrMJmusicLover I’m glad you’re seeing it now.. I’m just wondering why it took nearly a year for a news outlet to even show an edited version of it.

    2. @Brandon Parker Lol you know why… They needed riots to push the undoing of The United States. They are traders and should be tried in a Federal Court.

  5. The video from all body cams in their entirety have been available online for months and months. I watched the hour long footage and it speaks a slightly different narrative than what the msm has been spewing since this whole thing happened.

    1. @DrunkenGuitarGuy Might have gone over your head, but the flat Earth joke was made at your expense, to demonstrate an inability to parse information without completely getting derailed. He was apparently correct lmao

    2. Funny how they would edit this one being shown nation wide but not the one online that only a few can find.

    1. @Twiistz its got nothing to do with that moron, do you just like to make a fool of yourself?? just like to prove to everyone how dumb you are??

    2. @Twiistz lol, the full unedited and unblurred and unmuted bodycam videos have been available on multiple YouTube channels for months.

      Moreover, multiple YouTube news sites have been showing the non-edited video shown in court today.

      Only MSNBC seems to be pulling this stupidity.

    3. @MissionRestomod Black Lives Matter and justice will be dealt at last.The law has changed and needs to in all states so that the police are held responsible for their actions,Cant hide racism and ignorance.

  6. They had the power to descalate the situation. The police saw him put his hands on his head. It showed a terrified human being who may have felt that he’s about to be strangled by a murderer in uniform and a badge. Who wouldn’t be scared???

  7. The officer did not “get the door open”. George Floyd opened the door himself. We always have to be careful with our words. Most certainly in situations like this one.Floyd was most clearly terrified and trying to accommodate what was asked of him in the best way he could while expressing his fears and anxiety.

    1. George was clearly not doing anything the cop wanted him to do. Because George was high as a kite. Because George was a low-life piece of garbage junkie.

    2. @Skippy Skipperson let’s see how well you take instructions with a gun in your face you low life scum!

  8. So Chauvin Murdered him after he was cuffed, because he did not think he put his hands on his head fast enough?

  9. They muted lots of it because that officer was cursing that man left and right. For no reason! How are you supposed protect and serve and yet continue to curse left and right. They escalated and kept escalating the situation until they killed him. 🤬😡

  10. That is frightening for me to watch. My heart is pounding as that GUN is pointed at him. That cop has no right to approach citizens in that way.

  11. He was resisting arrest and was already saying he couldn’t breath even before he was put on the ground. All he had to do was cooperate and nothing would have happened to him.

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