1. @Penny Yeomans : Brian Peckford…last surviving signatory of the Charter….who challenged all of the imposed mandates citing Charter violation. He ought to know whether the Charter has been violated given the fact that he helped craft the Charter…and he says that the mandates violate the Charter.

    2. ​@RedPillOrBlueHavingAchoiceIsTheIllision. Magna Carta. We are free men and women on land here is common law not ADMIRAL sea pagan law. Our rights can Not be taken away. No one has the consent or right to do so. You don’t know what “law of the land” means. Simple COMMON LAW. we aren’t subjects or property.

    3. @Lauretta Maud The very 1st line in the charter of rights grants the government the power to reasonably suspend your rights,
      And if you live on land that has a Supreme Court That Supreme Court decides what your rights are.

  1. Forcing children to wear masks for fly season is absolutely psychotic. I applaud the restraint of the parents in the meeting for not taking things further.

    1. Why is no one asking WHY kids need to hospitalized over colds and flies since COVID?
      If masks were so efficacious, WHY have colds and flues become more potent?
      So many questions but no logic or common sense reasoning being offered.

    2. @Marlon Mo LOL. Wearing a mask to reduce spread is common sense. You just don’t get that 🙂 or is that to much of a hardship? Geez

  2. Amazing how a doctor can be so intimately out of touch with reality…wtf is happening to our society
    absolutely mind boggling and embarrassing to see where Canada is heading

    1. @O C no, it’s simply because during the initial phase of the pandemic, surgical masks are scarce, so medical masks are the next best thing.

    2. Just get rid of all mask. I mean if they don’t do anything why should Dr wear them during surgeries? Drs sooooo out of touch.

  3. Members of school boards who act like this must be held accountable and seriously held accountable even fired from their appointments

  4. Finally parents are standing up en masse. They are rightfully upset and have a right to show how passionate they are about their children’s well being.

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