1. @The Gray Fox you know people were actually arrested in that investigation? That it found over 100 instances where trump officials met with russian oligarchs? Wtf am I doing bothering with logic, trump cultists, yikes.

    2. @Laharlchan220 You do realize none was for collusion, right? None whatsoever. It is hilarious too considering the steele dossier wasn’t enough and they lied to get the warrant.

      On top of this people like Flynn were entrapped.

      Your party is as corrupt as they come, yet you say nothing about that at all.

      Speaking of crime, why is it that Epstein’s plane was full of leftists flying directly to Epstein’s island?

      Oh wait, they were going there just to visit huh? Fact is, you don’t care when your side does anything wrong, only when someone on the right supposedly does something wrong.

    3. @The Gray Fox trump impeded the entire thing and had the entire executive branch refuse to give any documents, obstruction from start to finish. trumps innocents could neither be confirmed nore denied.
      also idk why trump not being on epstiens flight logs matter to you when trump has his own planes he refused to give the flight logs of, hey why do you ignore trump refusing court orderes DNA to absolve him of a rape alegation. Really weird thing for you to ignore.

      (shrug) have fun with matt gaetz being the real hunter biden story btw XD

      But this is as far as we go together cultist. Good luck re integrating. You likely wont be welcome.

    4. @Laharlchan220 Yeah yeah save it, your side lied to get the warrant, got caught, and still don’t want to own up to it.

      You don’t want to own up that George died from an overdose either, just like you dont want to own up to BLM and Antifa doing over a billion dollars worth of damage last summer.

    5. @Laharlchan220 Btw that’s not how the law works, You are innocent until proven guilty, you don’t get to say “Well he hasn’t been proven innocent either”, it’s up to the federal government to prove that a person is guilty, they didn’t do that. Ergo he’s innocent.

      The fact that you sit there and excuse this behavior is quite telling.

  1. When it first happened the brass said from what they saw he didn’t violate any of the procedural policies, gee I wonder what changed ???

    1. @Demon 2k I think you are reading the rantings of a “Blue Lives Matter” guy… who nevertheless would excuse the Jan 6 insurrection.

    2. @Chris h They were all fired quickly,and the city already paid a settlement to Floyd’s family, because they knew Chauvin is guilty. If he did nothing wrong, why would they do any of that?

    3. @innertubez Those folks live in some sort of perpetual opposite day…all they know is mental gymnastics, strawman arguments, whataboutism, and gaslighting.

    4. The Chief testified that on the night of the incident he had only seen footage from the security cameras of the gas station across the street. It was 50 yards away and the cops backs were blocking his view. What he said was; “From what I have seen there were no obvious procedural violations”. What changed was that the next morning he saw the bystander footage and IMMEDIATELY fired the scumbag. You knew that already though and you’re just a hate filled troll trying desperately to belong. I’m sure the KKK is recruiting, you should go ‘all in’ if your going to be a hater!

    1. @Itz KayO * The event where Antifa was also involved and didn’t even last a full day, that capital event?

      I didn’t know they had a footlocker and jewelry store in the capital building.

      Maybe we should ask the people who Burned Looted and Murdered for months in a row yeah?

    2. @Squidwood Is that a police officer job? Yes. Is it a police officers job while in there custody to know when to stop excessive force? Yes. Is 9 min reasonable when someone is not violent to keep a person in an illegal prone position? No. Nothing else matters. He should have got off. If you think that the video looked great to you then thats what your mentality is worth. I have sense.

    3. @Just Wryt You can barely string together a sentence, but I’ll ignore that.

      Name a first world country that was completely established by blaque people? There are none.

      Blaques also enslaved and sold their own people long before the white man even came along.

    4. Why? So he can point out the cause of death wasn’t OD in either autopsy because you’re too dense to get it yourself?

  2. There used to be photographs of a knee restraint in the police manual…. strange they’re not there now.

    1. @Bryan B Oh man, you know what, and I hope you read this, it’s comments like yours that trully and understandably make me accept life for what it is. Humans, as flawed and fragile beings we are, remarkably should not be allowed away from earth.

      You see, we are commenting on the context of a person dying, inhumane, in front of bystanders asking for the fellow officer to remove his knee from his neck.
      He passed away. Done.

      Today, here we are on a multi global platform, as expectators and critics on a sensible subject.

      Does a knee to the neck cause injury, and how severe is it?

      I am not a physician. I am not verse in the medical field, that is not my field of expertise. However, using my own common sense, and please read this carefully, we can all assume our neck was not designed to have heave weight on it, let alone, its a critical part of out anotomy. So, by having a knee jag to it which ever way can cause a lack of oxygen perpetuating the guys death.

      I don’t argue just to waste time or win the argument. I am just making an observation and commenting, and then, thinking to myself, with people like you, are we doomed?

      Who ever you are, where ever you are, you are a clear example of the very defenition of imbecile.

      To conclude, let someone restrain your arms, put you face down with their knee on top of your kneck. Than, come back to this very same little spot to comment your experience.


    2. @Aaron Kamakaze the knee was on the side of his neck, but since you want to go down that rabbit hole… If the knee was on the back of his neck then it would be impossible for that officer to have killed him. Also make floyd’s comment of I can’t breathe false. Nice try! Go try that bullshit somewhere else.

  3. Listen i watched this today and the chief was back pedaling on his answers.. you could see that when the defense would ask a question that was obvious and should be considered the right answer the chief paused and had to think of maybe a good enough senior.

    1. I watched today as well, Nelson has poked many holes in the State’s arguments throughout the entire trial. Reasonable doubt is there, if any of the jurors have a spine, they’ll have a hung jury. Idk if the jury has to be unanimous or not, but I don’t see all the jurors agreeing on this.

    2. “You agree that there’s a difference between detaining someone and arresting them, correct?”
      *5+ second pause* “Ummm…….. yes.”
      THIS GUY is the top cop at MPD? Good lord. Hopefully the jury sees right through him.

    1. I’m going to love when that part comes up and how the defense is going to show the side-by-side that shows consistency in injuries of the shoulder instead of the neck, and how the CoD is not neck compression per the press release.

  4. Just have a volunteer who does not have drugs and a bad heart show how he does not die. The man was faking a real breathing problem for the small girl with the camera he wanted a case later in court.

    1. @Robell Yosief Drug addiction is a sad thing, if he hadn’t been an addict or criminal he’d still be alive.. something to think about.

    1. @John McCain if you wanna believe that, cultist. (Shrug) You’re not worth proving wrong when you would just find some kelly anne spin to vomit and expect me to also respond to, ad nauseem.

      Feel victorious my dude 😀 you’re “argueing” with yourself.

    2. @John McCain you should look into a series called “the alt right playbook” your tactics are out there.

    3. @Laharlchan220 You’re an abject liar. You’re a liar in the nutty accusations you make about me, because can’t effectively argue against me.

      You’re a liar in saying you don’t care, because you would have left quite a while ago.

      And you made yourself into a liar by simply still being here. Because you said you wouldn’t have a discussion with a person like me.

      So, here we are in this awkward spot, where I’m handling a vitriolic troll who neither cares nor is upset, is done but doesn’t leave, and pathetically thinks this is all about winning or losing.

  5. Why not show the part where they show side by side video of the knee on his shoulder and not his neck?

    1. @Pcizzy _ and the autopsy didn’t show he died of asphyxiation either so I guess you don’t know how that works either bud.

    2. @InMy Head nah was pretty easy to see on video how he died. Def was not an OD that much was clear. You know what was also clear? Lack of medical attention from a first responder

    3. @Lisette Lehner 1. it was on his neck.
      2. The carotid artery is ALSO there so it would have the same effects, learn medicine before attempting a lie.
      3. ‘it’s wrong’ isn’t a valid argument at all. just no. It was conducted by medical professionals. The carotid artery would’ve been suppressed either way which would’ve killed him by asphyxiation. You lose, accept it.

    4. @Yharim oh yeah that’s why people are dying all the time nationwide from knee on neck daily.. you people are a special kind of stupid huh? It’s standard procedure protocol in most departments nationwide so shut up already. Anybody with a brain knows he died of a overdose and pre existing conditions. Even the witness testimony from the individual in the car when Floyd was pulled over asked for immunity of his testimony. Cause he knows damn well he could get charged for selling him those drugs Floyd overdosed on during the arrest as many speculate. Also passing bills between him and Floyd at the store they were at prior. So he sold him the drugs or he was involved with the counterfeit hustle. I’d lean towards both.

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  7. You neglected the part where he got the police chief to admit that his knee was on his shoulder not his neck but I don’t really want to talk about that what I really want to talk about is has anyone actually seen the supposed $20 bill I’m not talking on camera I’m talking a picture with evidence background

    1. What, that a cop had a knee in a mans back and that man died before EMTs even arrived?

      Trauma, anxiety, panic, physical force, and being high. These things don’t magicly make the dude that caused more than half of this to be innocent, just because you wanna let another pig get away with murder.

    2. @Dale Gribble hes dead fucko it doesn’t matter where the cops knee was, if that was the major issue he wouldn’t have lost his job arm chair lawyer.

    3. @Darry Hesdren then maybe he should have rolled down the window of the car and left it at that. Instead he decided to take up the responsibility. The police force agrees, why don’t you?

  8. What happened to the clip of the chief agreeing that it looked like Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder, not his neck….?? Are we picking and choosing what to show to the masses?? Typical.

    1. @Laharlchan220 Or I don’t know: don’t do drugs? don’t have a criminal background? don’t steal cigarettes from the store? don’t struggle with the cops like a crazy person? That man is dead because of his own stupid decisions, not the cops’ who are trying to protect those around him. While it is a tragedy and a loss of human life, I wouldn’t want George Floyd on the same street as me. He was a dangerous individual who might have gotten other people hurt (remember he threatened a pregnant lady while her other infant child was watching???). The sympathy for this trash of a human is goddamn paradox.

    2. @Exasperaties what? I’m not understanding what you’re trying to say here lol 🤔🤔
      What I’m referring to was said in the same testimony these clips were taken from. “Media outlets” are constantly picking and choosing which clips/sound bits to use, as well as omitting others that are of importance. They just want to push their own agenda and narrative. The truth should be what’s important. And sadly a lot of ppl just take these short snippets like this at face value, and don’t do any digging for the unedited information. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. As someone who believes that Chauvin went to far and deserves punishment. Going just by the facts of this trial, he’s going to be found not guilty. Prosecution is doing a terrible job.

  10. I just saw where the attorney asked the police chief if the knee appeared to be on the shoulder blade and not on the neck, his response was… yes. FB video angle VS
    body cam angle.

    1. The man is dead, he died under another mans knee, the mental gymnastics you’re going through to try justifying chauvins actions, when they were bad enough to get him fired is astounding. Gross and astounding.

    2. Yes, what an idiot. He had close to four times the lethal amount of fentanyl in his system along with many other drugs then put himself in a stressful situation by trying to Fraud a small business with a $20 bill getting himself arrested. He deserves the Darwin Award of the year🥇

    3. @Dusty Nickels sounds like you think he was running an operation, and not just unwittingly commiting a misdemeanor. Pretty serious accusation, woulda been great if the cop did his job so floyd COULD HAVE GONE THROUGH DUE PROCESS.
      It makes sense that you dont understand what people mean when they say defund the police, you dont even understand when the police dont agree.

      But who cares right? About cops commiting extrjudicial killings over possible counterfit bill, RIGHT? Just like you didn’t care about eric garner, I’m sure. how dare he commit the crime of selling loose smokes, right? If he just “didn’t resist” he would be alive too. How is anyone able to explain that your stats in police brutality are grossly scued.

  11. This world is coming to it’s end. Where’s you got a case shown on video cut and dry of the office killing this man. And the office is trying to say it was his drug problem that killed him. If he win this case, the world will never be the same. 🧐

    1. @William Childs which god is that again? And why does is it more real than say, Ra or annubis, zues, Odin? Ogun? Chernobog? Why is this lie to cover up bearing child out of wedlock to prevent his partner from a stoning some how a more tanglible story to you than say those handed down in ancient asian times? Have you ever considered its all made up to cope with there not actually being any kind of afterlife? Food for thought.

    2. @William Childs maybe your upbringing just happened to lead you to the widely “believed” idea of american Christianity, and perhaps you would be a devote Muslim if you were born in say Pakistan? Or perhaps a devout hindu were you born in india, believing in the many thousands of gods you would give thanks to every day?

    3. @William Childs This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
      2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
      3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
      4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
      5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away

      Yes, dumb vague bullshit that isn’t given a time frame so I guess just wait for existence to fit this very broad likely already in existence personality

      This verse was used to control people, without a doubt. Bah bah little lamb of god **sheep**

  12. He said he didn’t see anything wrong the first time he looked at the video… When he seen everyone upset he changed his position.. what a POS..

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