Police Defend Use of Force in Attempted Arrest of Wanted Man | TVJ News – Oct 24 2022


  1. That’s right Supt Chin and nuh tek back you chat. We the law abiding citizens of Jamaica applaud you and all the officers. Great job and good riddance to that insect!

    1. @Ian Johnson hope your son don’t be become a gunman you appear to exactly what is wrong with jamaica and scumbags like you bread up roaches and as a ex cop if I have a son who turn gunman if he make his bed he has to lay down in it and deal with the consequences that comes along . live by the gun you die by the gun I will turn him over and ensure there is no safe haven for him or deal with him accordingly.

  2. These police should be charge for for this..this boy was never going for the police man gun that is a lie..the man have on a handcuff on officer stop say the man was wanted for crimes ..that what the police man deme say when deme do things like these..I don’t think this man was in these things the police saying about this man

  3. Nuf if you people comment good job police officer and you don’t new what is going on with this man .. stop jug the book by the cover

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