Police: Eight bodies pulled from St. Lawrence river were migrants trying to enter the U.S. illegally

Akwesasne Mohawk Police Chief Shaun Dulude provided an update on the eight migrants found deceased in the St. Lawrence river.

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  1. This is what happens with illegal immigration rather then going to points of entry and coming in legally. Thank the current political leaders 😢sad

  2. Come into the country LEAGALY and there are no issues. This is so sad and not needed, just go to the posted entry points.

    1. Shoulda jus went through southern border. Can just walk right in. BP will even give u a ride if need b

  3. The illegal immigrants knew there was a risk and were still willing to cross the river. There should be a sign cross at your own risk.

  4. This not to far from me in Massena NY it was without a doubt a human smuggling attempt and the boat must of hit ice at a high rate of speed and you won’t last long this time of year in the mighty st Lawrence river

    1. Agreed, that makes sense. I don’t no how tf you could feel comfortable enough to bring a baby across at night, in early spring and in a little boat? That I won’t ever understand…
      Anyhow, thanks for the info Doug.

    1. ​@luis velez I had to escape during the covid sh#& and wasn’t allowed back for 2 years lol. Came back for a few months then gtfo.

  5. id use a inflatable pool… i had some fun in a inflatable pool in Lake Erie on 5 footers pretty much unsinkable and has lots of room and cheap enough to be bought with panhandling. your not getting anywhere in a hurry tho

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