Police Face Hurdle in Settlement with Jamaican Gov't | TVJ News - Dec 16 2021 1

Police Face Hurdle in Settlement with Jamaican Gov’t | TVJ News – Dec 16 2021


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  1. I want to see how much the chairman of the police 🚔 federation is cpl chambers, if he is. Firmed in his commitment to stand resolute with the rest of police 🚔 officers them, that he is not bluffing. Just like other chairman of the police 🚔 federation, who accepts promotion from the government ministers them. To dropped his fight against the government ministers them, so let us all see. If cpl chambers is going to turned down any form of promotion, to accepts the 3 years from the government ministers them.

  2. You want the best police? You must pay them the best. Attracts the best kind of person….
    Want Police force that has no criminal element. Attract the best people and u will get that

  3. I always said it “if you can’t give us teachers the money give us atleast 15,000 square feet of land so we can build our house” We don’t want any wilderness land either, we not running around with spears or bow and arrows no offense to those people.

  4. Crime, low public sector wages, housing crisis, and teacher migration. How is the people in general and the government going to act in order to improve these over time?
    The government needs to address these with the same intensity as they are doing with COVID 19. Which ever way one looks at it, we can say the government is trying but they are failing. The country has too many problems with no solution.

  5. Shame on Jamaica Government, police officers put their lives on the lines every day 24/7, Government disrespecting the police men and women of the country shame on you MR. PRIME MINISTER!!!

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