Police give details on $150 million gun, drug bust in Toronto area

Police give details on $150 million gun, drug bust in Toronto area 1

Police in Toronto give an update on the seizure of roughly $150M worth of illegal post, firearms and exotic animals in a drug bust.

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24 Comments on "Police give details on $150 million gun, drug bust in Toronto area"

  1. Destroy any prohibited contraband, sell what you can, and give the money back to the communities these gangs have negatively impacted.

  2. Fix the title.

  3. Perfect love it 🤲💯❤

  4. Now they’ve got the 2nd in command, so when will they take down Trudeau?

  5. 300 grand you guys should’ve paid off the cops like the other bloods And all the other gangs that are making payments now they can swallow up the territory the Crypts are going to lose
    Pay your taxes or you lose your business

  6. Ok so now you have to cancel OIC since law abiding gun owners are CLEARLY NOT A PROBLEM HERE. The problem are illegal guns not the ones owned by the licensed gun owners.
    Congratulations regarding major bust.
    Cancel recently proposed gun ban on law abiding gun owners!

  7. Транс Аэро | October 29, 2020 at 6:37 PM | Reply

    Actual bust worth $152 mill. These cops gots to eat too.

  8. now the real criminals have been apprehended , to the liberals say you sorry and dismantle the law abiding Canadian gun grab,, we may forgive you liberals

  9. 😂

  10. Thank you👏🏻👍🏻

  11. Stephanos MacAoidh | October 29, 2020 at 7:39 PM | Reply

    Freudian slip at 5:12

  12. Some ones going to pay for that one

  13. I am very critical of police these days. Especially the RCMP who I feel have been corrupted by the Liberal Government. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank the Ontario Police for doing an outstanding job and setting an example for police through out Canada on how to be a professional service that Canadians rely on. Thank you Ontario Police. Great job!!

  14. It always cheers me up to hear of a giant drug-bust, and makes me ecstatic when I hear there’s a pile of firearms involved. Well done! Waste of money locking up the perps – much cheaper to let them kill each other.

  15. Why were my comments shadow banned? All I simply said was they do this on average four times a year and it doesn’t make a dent. They should be investing in communities

  16. Dave Dismantled | October 29, 2020 at 10:00 PM | Reply

    Government is slavery and police are immoral order following trash. Remove drug laws and there would be no drug “crimes”.

  17. What type.of.drugs?

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