Police & Gunmen in Gunfight in Central Kingston Jamaica | TVJ News – July 9 2022

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  1. Restrict the entries where the guns are coming in the country and deal with the thousands of guns that are in the hands of criminals..and corporal punishment…The government must do something about these innocent lost of life…

    1. Gunmen should be the government of Jamaica. Because gunmen run things in Jamaica. And it will be like this in Ja, for a very long time. Jamaica is a country without a righteous leader, who cannot stopped crime in the island πŸοΈπŸ™ i think innocent people in Jamaica should give God thanks πŸ™ when they leave there home in the morning and get home safely in the evening.

  2. Only the police were firing shots, the men were throwing stone. Jamaica is where criminals have all the rights

    1. If criminals had all the rights why did they end up dead? People with rights live to tell the tale.

    2. @CalJen Sandie because criminals are often set free by the courts. Law abiding person usually gets tougher treatment

    1. She waah go see dead body.. only Jamaica civilians can talk bout dem waah go walk into crime scene .. smh

  3. Jamaica full a innocent criminals and the nasty things walking around acting as women need to go to prison

  4. It’s Unfortunate that the Cops were not able to take down more.
    Bunch of Jamaican MOUNTAIN β›° GARALLAS.

  5. The residents said the police were very hostile??? I’m guessing the gunmen were calm and courteous? There is a more hostile crime situation in Jamaica right now what do y’all expect.

    1. Where do you commentators come from do they send you out when these reports are upload? All say the same thing using different words and different sentence structures. Interesting.

    2. @CalJen Sandie Great minds think alike and I understand you’re upset because you’re an exception.πŸ™†πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜…πŸ˜… “When these reports are upload?” What kind of sentence structure is that?πŸ€”πŸ™†πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈbut you’re on here being critical of other people’s sentence structures.

  6. All now me no understand what the girl say or me ears want to clean out ?who hostile puppa jesus if you no busy come here

  7. What is wrong with people of Jamaica? they are that government not doing anything about crimes and violence when it’s not their family and relatives it happens to, but as soon as their children and relatives caught it the act it’s different.
    Am not saying some law men are not corrupt” but when they gun down the gun man them why do these bunch of women acting like Hyena have to come out lying and hindering the police from doing their job .these women are the real reason why crime and violence will never end
    When innocent people get killed you don’t see them coming out.

  8. It seems that the local people are treating this tragic even as some form of entertainment..some of these people are really weird .

  9. These are the same women harbouring criminals, I am not even sure why TVJ give this person a platform.

  10. Only in Jamaica citizens can rush to a scene of crime. This woman should have been charged.

    1. Charged for walking on the street, the reporter was walking the crime scene with evidence still present. If thing charge them? That is not how human rights work

  11. 100% Agreement with what the POLICE are doing, continue taking out the garbage. πŸ‘ Those women should have been charged with interfering with an active investigation. They are the type that protect the criminal elements.

    1. Agree 100%. Sir p speak about 87s and kerosene. Alot of times these same women cry and create a scene knowing well some of these men are gunmen. If the police were being fired at then that means that there must have been guns present to do so. Not saying All of them were kerosenes watch sometimes this is what happened when the good suffers for the bad

  12. In such situations the officers have to be hostile. Past history women have been proven dangerous. I am in full support of the officers. Those who are interfering should be arrested/prosecuted. Let’s support the efforts of the police to return Jamaica to it’s splendor and beauty.

    1. How many women were previously arrest for interfering with police not doing their duties. The mission for police is to serve and protect not to kill, if a crime is not being committed then not one should die. Allegedly hearing fire arm being discharged is not a crime because no one was harm. They didn’t report that anyone other then their intended victims were killed.

  13. Of course you must stay in your yard when these operations are going on. These women are one of the greatest problems in Jamaica.

  14. What is wrong with some of these Jamaicans? You hear gun shots and you are leaving the safety of your home to enquire who got shot? Ridiculous!

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