Police & Gunmen Trade Bullets in Downtown Kingston | TVJ News – June 7 2022

Police & Gunmen Trade Bullets in Downtown Kingston | TVJ News - June 7 2022 1


  1. What sort of a situation is this where a gun battle is waging in the street and people are going about their business as if nothing is happening, this could only happen in Jamaica 🇯🇲. The area should have been cordon off.

  2. APPREHEND THE ACCUSE & WHEN FOUND GUILTY, EXCUTE THE PERSON ( within 5 years, so privy council cannot say you cannot execute a person beyond 5 years because it is cruel & unusual punishment).💪

    1. @Patricia Burgess Our justice system is still connected to the British system, despite being an independent Country, HANGING IS STILL ON THE BOOK IN JA.

  3. For a small country to be flexing their muscles openly with no regards for anyone is barbaric.
    These culprits should be taken off the streets for good.

    1. All countries from that region need to have a common policy to extirpate the problem of organised crime. They need to get money for this goal not only by themselves but also from the US (it’s in their interest to not have problems with things like drug trafficking) and create strong institutions against corruption, criminality and build a state of law and a fair justice system. My country, Poland, in the beginning of the 90s looked like Venezuela now but after getting support from the EU, we solved this problem. Mafia bosses got caught and the problem of brutal organised crime doesn’t exist anymore. Of course, they are some criminality but it’s rather about VAT scammers or drug dealing. However, Poland is one of the safest countries in Europe, crime rates are much lower here than in France, Sweden, UK or Germany. Not to mention countries from other parts of the world.

  4. I believe the government should band all bikes until they get crime down , give it a 2 year band

    1. @Juda Mom I get everyone point about other who use their bike for work and etc . How many murder are committed by criminals on bikes ?
      What are the chances of a police catching a criminal on a bike

    2. @Juda MomThanks for your comment, Some people only look at things one side and think one way. Right now as I am speaking, I knew a lot of youths that got bikes 🏍 and they are not criminal or thief etc.All they do is use their bikes to do bike Taxi to earned a living for themselves and their family, But the old saying the good have to suffer for the bad.

  5. Jamaica urgently needs mandatory minimum sentencing as soon a possible. In the USA, Canada and many other countries there is mandatory sentencing if a person shoots at or kills a police officer in the line of duty. These low life punks in Jamaica are way too brazen and need to be shown who is boss by the Security forces.

    1. You are why more and more shootings are happening, nobody is boss over anyone. This is a free will life blch

    2. What is the use of mandatory sentences it wornt make any difference, what would be the point of passing down these sentences just for the killing of law inforcement officers, at least those officers are armed and are in a position to defend themselves,but what about innocent people who are going abroad there normal day to day business and are gunned down in cold blood??))) There is only one solution to this problem and is to declare Jamaica 🇯🇲 a Republic and brake away from the British crown then we as an independent nation will be able to make our own laws ,and hopefully that will prevent those murderous and nasty gunmen from appealing to the privacy council in the UK after they have been found guilty and sentence to death for their hideous and vile crimes.

  6. Wild wild Wild West me bornland turn sad sad sad times Devine intervention needed in my island

  7. But the people are still in the area like them no fear for their life give the police space to do there job only jamaica boy o boy no respect

  8. A whole lot kind foolishness will be happening in Jamaica I can tell you that..you will see stuff that you have never seen before,bank robber,shoot out with police etc…because all those guns is not for joke

  9. I say it and I will continue to say it, if Jamaica don’t sure up their borders, then these little gun finds aren’t going to make any dent in the gun for drug trade.Every boat going in and out of Jamaica should be checked. If we can’t do it ourselves, then we need to ask for overseas help. I commend the Security forces, but if this is not done along with extremely stricter laws, especially for smugglers, murders, rapist, etc…. We’ll be fighting a loosing battle.

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