Police In Louisville Fire Pepper Bullets At Press During Chaotic Protest | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Police In Louisville Fire Pepper Bullets At Press During Chaotic Protest | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. they learned something from Hong Kong protesters, set up fire on the road, they should hit and run because riot policemen running with full gear, they hardly to catch them. Hong Kong protesters did not loot shops .

    1. @DoubleOhippi
      They DID loot in Hong Kong dumdum. If you are uncomfortable with the looting THEN GOOD….. ITS WORKING. I HOPE THE LOOTING, PROTESTING AND RIOTING CONTINUES. Worthless country needs to be burned to the ground.

    2. At least the hong kong police dont hire MURDEROUS COWARDLY SAVAGES and give them police uniforms. At least the hong kong police are not COWARDLY enough to step on an innocent mans neck. Only ameikkkas FAT, LAZY, COWARDLY police force does these things.

    3. @Football Nerd agreed, I’m fine with them overrunning a corrupt precinct, but you don’t touch ppl’s property….people are being financially ruined by this.

    1. @zski ya Well that cop deserves to get “Snitched” on he’s shooting recklessly and clearly at press.

    2. The press crew wear vibrantly colored vests to make them easily identifiable to police during moments like this for protection. You heard an officer telling them to move back, which she said they would do before they got peppered deliberately. I can just imagine trump can’t wait to tweet about it.

    3. report it assap. that officer needs to be arrested asap for shooting at someone in a riot aahahhahahahaha

    1. Covid-19 played a role. Many idle hands, and minds. This is NOT a good time to upset the population. Everyone is on edge, as is.

    2. @Upper 90yes the whole police institution is corrupt. I can be more broad with my dislike for them if you want.

    3. @Upper 90 the problem is with the police AND with police treatment of people of color. I’m not excluding everything else by bringing light to a specific issue.

  2. And people wonder why there’s so much anger toward police. That officer needs to be shot with those pepper rounds.

    1. @DØDO LØRD The press is there to document what’s happening, even if they wanted them to move back there is no excuse for them to be shot at multiple times by this officer. The news reporter and cameraman need to file complaints against this man and he should be immediately fired and charged. This was a direct assault on journalism, I have seen video evidence of several members of the press assaulted and even arrested over the past few days for doing their jobs. What don’t they want the public to know,if their not hiding anything why not let the press do their jobs without these types of attacks on them.

    2. @Papa J the press is not immune to disperse orders, and u act like he whipped out an ar-15 on her

    3. @DØDO LØRD
      You people are a dime a dozen: you virtue signal, pretending to stand up for police, but really youre just screwing them: encouraging them to walk that fine line, saying “he did nothing wrong!”…..until one inevitably steps his toe over that fine line, and then you’ll forsake the poor sap: “oh well he was the <1% of cops".

      Beneath it all, you've contributed to this destruction as much as any other group, if not more.

    4. DØDO LØRD Police should de-escalate the situation. If they can’t do that in an orderly fashion. They shouldn’t be police.

    1. They may as well go home and eat supper with their families because nobody is stopping all this chaos!! Just watching it!! I know it won’t do any good to say these idiots need to respect our cities!!

    1. @Alfred E Neumam 100% of the cops were MALE .

      ALL MEN bad, then?? Let’s riot against MEN. ”
      What do we want? Dead men! When do we want it? Now!” That’s where your logic takes us 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. @Just Some Medic Are u that kind of moron who thinks english is the only language on the planet? Life is not star-wars movie where poeple from different planet don’t even have a different accent. You have so much to learn yound padawan…

  3. If Bill Barr gets involved in this to save the killer cop, we’ll have a race war on our hands.

    1. Count me out of your race war. I wouldn’t take up arms against black Americans. They want justice, they deserve justice. I can’t tolerate the injustice anymore either. So don’t be shocked if whites take a pass on your race war. I know I’m not the only one that feels that way.

    2. @Godspeed this has nothing to do with Donald Trump you fool. This has to do with the civil immunity given to police in 1983, which neither party has moved to repeal.

      But they don’t talk about that on the evening news so of course you didn’t know that.

    1. Go and get your own paintball gun,grenade,or a clamour mine is nice!
      Just don’t Burn It Down Ok !

  4. I clearly remember the mayor saying the press is exempt from the curfew hours. The police have no clue.

    1. They refused to move, they are purposely trying toget a reaction. She walked right up to a marching riot-police line.

    2. theknockabout
      Pigs are stupid. That’s why they do what they do . And anyone with a brain in their head would not be members of a legalized violent gang, which is fighting a war against the people.

    1. its MSNBC. fake news people are not journalists. they are agitators. cops should use live ammo

    2. im joking. what an airhead expecting not to get shot at during a riot. send out field reporters with a brain or not cnn ahahhahaha

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