1. Well their closed indefinitely. How can any business owner not understand one of the most basic principles; don’t put your hands on a non-aggressive customer?!!
    If he is trespassing, call the police. Done.

    1. @CherryPoutine S yes. that way you’re not shut down and you can earn money. let the cops do the dirty work, its why they exist.

    1. They should also be ordered to undergo Disability Sensitivity Training.

      Ontario also needs to implement a law requiring any person involved in the Service Sector to undergo Disability Sensitivity Training as a Condition of Employment.

  2. I hope that restaurant gets sued for every penny they have and goes under. Avoid that restaurant at all costs.

    1. I wouldn’t say never. If the guy was being a physical threat, then it would make sense for them to engage because the cops might not get there in time. He was not being a physical threat, so yeah, they shoulda just called the cops

  3. Is anyone surprised about this sort of thing happening? As this guy said, “I don’t just show my paperwork to anyone”, and yet it’s now required that the employees of every restaurant in country take on the duty of enforcement officers with a right and requirenent to DEMAND paperwork from customers. You think that’s not going to go to people’s heads?

    1. @puredjskaraoke yes, but when you deputize every restaurant owner and every restaurant employee as an enforcer of the law, it’s bound to go to some people’s heads.

  4. There is by-law for service dogs that Milton owner needs to know about, if he really cares? “Accessibility in Ontario.” He will/should be charged for assault – that is a fact

  5. disgusting!!!!! this is horrifying. no humanity here. i will NEVER EVER give these things money, and i live very close to this “restaurant“. i am appalled.

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