Police Investigating Murder-Suicide in St. Thomas Jamaica | TVJ News – April 2 2021


  1. Dem same one raise the man dem weh them a complaining bout jamaica have too much single mother the man dem naa grow right gimme a break lady a bawl out pan national tv so fah kmt

  2. Lol so I a wonder a who dem ago charge on this issue uno lucky woman need fi know how to fight it’s a dangerous world we living in

    1. Young man ,if you don’t change that name the devil is going to use you to do the same to a woman or a man .what kind of name is that brother,your name is who you are, please please can it and save yourself.

    2. @Sophia March do u ever think that by now u can’t see this world is a sinful one and that most deserve to die because of the evil action and and I don’t like seeing woman getting killed ok but I would that to a man to be honest

    3. @Sophia March and my name don’t defined me I just see this world of no good people and just accept the fact that people die for different and people in the country won’t change so it is what it is

    4. @Lucifer Morningstar I’m sorry if I judge you wrongfully, when I read isaiah 14 :12 -15 it tells me of lucifer the same satan who was fallen from heaven to earth and is causing wickedness on the earth.The same lucifer that is possesing the hearts and minds of these men to kill these women.Accept Jesus today,he will soon be back to lock up llucifer in the pit of hell

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