Police looking for suspect after woman pushed into path of oncoming subway in Toronto

Beatrice Vaisman has the latest from Toronto, where police are searching for a suspect after a woman was pushed onto the subway tracks.

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    1. New York last week. 87yr old Woman dies after being pushed to the ground. Police received an anonymous tip on March 19 identifying Pazienza as the suspect. Pazienza is said to be an event planner and worked at French high-end furniture and home accessory designer and retailer Roche Bobois.

  1. The platforms of the Toronto subway are the narrowest I’ve seen in the World!
    In some sections there is probably less than 1.5 meters between the wall and the way of the train.
    Very poorly designed, certainly not with safety in mind.

  2. “There were many surveillance cameras.” You paying attention, New York transit? Cameras actually work. Start using them.

    1. ​@Sebastian Nemeth-Ramirez I watched video footage of him entering the subway through the turnstiles wearing the reflective vest and carrying a big duffle bag. It exists you just haven’t seen it.

  3. Thank goodness she’ll make a full recovery. The TTC should just install platform doors πŸšͺ at each subway station. AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN A POUND OF CURE.

    1. Yeah let’s 6 mm ppl pay millions of dollars for few crazies roaming around unsupervised. We could wrap everyone in bubble while we are at it

    2. @Geoffrey Canie Platform doors are not exactly an obvious thing to implement, can cause significantly more delays as your increasing the number of things to malfunction. And the TTC does an ok job, we have the best transit system in North America.

    3. @Alex Carlone According to who? Right off the bat I can tell you it’s not even the best transit system in Canada.

  4. There needs to be more awareness of what to do if you fall onto the tracks. This woman is very smart and very lucky

    1. She is! I don’t know if I’d have thought of that. There absolutely needs to be more awareness, instead of just signs saying “stay off the tracks” we know that part..

  5. So glad she’ll make a recovery. So more are informed: Almost every subway station should have a spot under the yellow line in which you can safely hide in in case you end up on the tracks.

    1. @Official That would require the TTC to become competent. Which would include scrapping and replacing the newly introduced garbage ATC/signal upgrades that works only half the time properly…

    2. Recent subway/metro system projects have a system called β€œPlatform Screen Doors/Gates” to prevent such accidents plus suicidal attempts. Basically doors that only open upon train arrival, the rest of the platform is closed & covered.

  6. I was assaulted on a streetcar by a woman smoking a glass pipe. Tried to live downtown for 7 months and ruined my mental health having to worry about my safety on public transit. Disappointed but not surprised whatsoever that this terrible incident happened.

    1. @Bonnie Hu Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate the reply. That woman should be ashamed of herself. When you say she assaulted you what specifically did she do?

  7. Hard to prevent random attacks, however I have noticed a real absence of security in our subway with rising numbers of anti social behaviour and have written to the TTC with no reply.

    1. @Giant5 What the hell are u taking about? What standards? That’s the dumbest i’ve heard yet.

    2. @Hellbound Rubber angry boy! Don’t push me onto the tracks….I see your other posts are some anti-immigration rants so I am truly confused here! You must just be trying to start random arguments.

  8. Always remember to lean on a pillar or a wall so that your back is not exposed. Stay safe there a re freaks out there

  9. Maybe the city shouldn’t use the TTC as a homeless shelter. I keep telling the TTC isn’t safe anymore in the subway

    1. I foresee large numbers of usernames tone policing you with time that could be devoted to changing the housing system.

  10. This is getting crazy! Today trains were passing through ( not stopping ) at 3 stations today, all with police investigations at each one. On Saturday there was blood all over the 3 levels at Yonge/Bloor station, outside, 2nd floor for line 1 and 3rd floor for line 2. Every single day there is a police investigation at some station.

  11. This is awful and speaks volumes about the current human condition. I’m so glad she’s ok. Peace from Montreal. 😎

  12. judging by the suspect’s appearance I would wager there is a mental health or drug abuse side to this story. There needs to be systems in place to help addicts and the mentally ill before this kind of stuff happens.

  13. My mom tried to make me as independent as possible and would let me take the TTC at a pretty young age…I use to take the bus to school sometimes when I was as young as 10…when I started taking the subway at around 12-13 (1992-1993) she told me to NEVER stand near the edge…always stand at the back wall until the train has fully stopped…30 years later I still do this

  14. Yup, she definitely looks like the type of person who would push a complete stranger in front of an oncoming train for absolutely no reason at all…

    She probably had an argument with her 50 cats earlier that day. Can’t blame such a crank for being cranky!

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