Police officer shot and killed teen girl holding a knife, bodycam shows 1

Police officer shot and killed teen girl holding a knife, bodycam shows


A Columbus, Ohio, police officer shot and killed a Black teenage girl after she allegedly attempted to cut two females with a knife, according to officials and body camera footage. The bodycam footage has been put in slow motion and blurred by the Columbus Division of Police. #CNN #News


  1. Bro she was literally about to stab the other girl in her neck. Justified. Parents fault not the officer.

    1. @Michele Decillion so then what should he have done when seeing her chase two girls, knock 1 down then back 1 up against a car and swing to proceed to stab her?… Let her stab her?.

    2. She was getting jumped they could have done so many things like shoot the ground to scare her or tazor it’s crazy how you think she deserves to die

    1. @casper191985 Leg has arteries in it, and it’s a lot smaller, it works in theory but a leg shot may do even more damage.

    2. @Jorge Tara It is accurate to use taser stunner than a gun. Using a gun shows that you are in your “Dirty Harry” mode.

  2. I have to say this honestly you can’t blame the cop for this one she was chasing one girl with knife then turned around to stab the other … He saved that girl in the pink

    1. @Kristin Owens police are taught to shoot at the center of mass to neutralize the target. Shooting at a leg or something still allows the girl to stab and kill. Officers encounter attackers on meth and they can shoot the person multiple times in the chest and they still keep coming at them. You have the benefit of hindsight to judge.

    2. Unjustified. What about proportionality ? Why couldn’t the cop just tase her ? Why did he have to shoot at her 4 times ?

    1. @Xavier Jones start something? No…..KEEP SOMETHING GOING, and turn the next four years into an “election year”?! Yes…….because this is all Democrats have. Piss off black people so they cute for us. But even THEY don’t think most of them will keep falling for it….hence the wide open border with people coming in by the thousands to replace their votes at your expense. But orange man bad…….

    2. @Jessica Smith do you mean why the cop did not just calmly walk up to her and tase her? Do the math …

      The cop could have placed a fast bullet into that giant butt sticking out .. too lats now …

    3. @Cecil Cross lol..maybe her dumbass shouldn’t be attempting to stab someone and she wouldn’t have been shot.. no sympathy

  3. It was either the life of the knife wielder or the life of the knife stabbing. If the girl got stabbed, you all would have been outraged he didn’t stop Bryant.

  4. “…shot and killed teen girl HOLDING a knife…”, when in reality she was ATTACKING somebody WITH A knife!!!
    These misleading titles are a big part of the problem.

    1. @Boogaloo yeh, in the same way saying a mass shooter is “holding a gun” , or a DUI killer is “driving a car”

  5. She lunges at a another person with a knife and her side kick, on the right was also attempting to kick the person on the ground in the head. That officer walked into a really scary situation.

  6. I am so sorry ANYONE’s young life was cut short, but her hand was swinging midair to seriously injure or kill someone. And can you imagine the relief pink sweats felt when the threat of being stabbed was gone?

    1. That’s what I’m saying. I bet her heart is forever indebted to that Police officer, as mine would be as well. Just wish CNN would report it honestly, but they never do. They have such a hard time giving gratitude to Police. It’s pathetic.

    2. @Jessica Smith Google use of force continuum . You meet deadly force with deadly force. That girl was mid swing with a kitchen knife. There was no time to deploy a taser even if he wanted to. And tasers don’t always work at neutralizing the threat Ther are many factors

    3. ​@Jessica Smith What are you even talking about? Justice WAS served today, and it saved the life of a young Black girl who was about to be murdered with a damn kitchen knife. On top of that, Tasers don’t always work well, especially on bigger people. There’s videos on youtube proving that. Look them up. I swear… Sometimes I feel like you Libs came here from an alternate reality where common sense doesn’t exist.

    1. This is crazy how they do this!! They are being cheered on so that’s exactly why they constantly sit back and race bait!!

  7. This is a perfect example of why body cameras are good if he didn’t do anything he still would have been called a bad cop

    1. @EM Sr tasers don’t always work , u have one shot and sometimes it can fail, in a life and death situation the taser is not the best option

    2. @EM Sr cops thought they holding the taser instead of the gun.anyway you don’t need to shoot four times.

  8. I am extremely impressed with the officers decision making skills and he saved that woman within 10 secs of exiting his cruiser. Give this man a medal.

  9. She was not the victim, she was the perpetrator. It’s so easy to see the knife. The officer did a great job saving the girl in pink

    1. @Erica Smith Again, I how this is sarcasm. If not, you have never touched a gun in your life. And the girl in pink didn’t charge at her first.

    2. @Kappa Darwin You don’t use a taser in this situation and he did notify that he was a police officer. Did you even watch the entire bodycam footage?

    3. @Puddington This was just a rumor and not confirmed yet. The police was told a girl with a knife was acting aggressive meaning it was likely not her that made the call.

    4. @Lavy AThan so you think he would have been able to stop that girl from plunging that knife Into the girl in pink? This shooting is 100 percent justified. She had a knife showed intent to murder someone and you think he could have de-escalated this?

  10. And let’s not forget that charming gentleman that is kicking who appears to be a heavily pregnant woman on the ground. Apologies if it is her natural body shape.

    1. Yess I saw this as well and was wondering if he was kicking her because it definitely looked that way. Was he arrested for kicking her like that?

    2. @Mo Rose I hope he was arrested – my fear in the current climate probably sats no. The lies have started already.
      I am British and cannot believe the way your brave policemen are being treated and lied about.
      I am currently in shock how ‘El Diablo’ aka ‘L’il Homicide is seen as the victim after running will, shooting at cars and bless him….he was 13. Big deal. Wanna run with gang bangers? Take the risk of a gang banger. I’ve noticed, although we don’t have armed police (only special units, rarely deployed) same here. Race-baiting by those who NEVER have to deal with the fallout.

  11. Man I would hate to be a cop right now. Mother interviewed afterwards stating she was a loving and peaceful girl. Sure looked it.

    1. If i were a white cop now in America, i would start minding the business of the people who are of my own colour.

    2. @Charly Kate Yeah, if you’re a white cop and you’re called to a scene where anyone is black, then just don’t show up. But then you’ll be fired for derelict of duty. Basically, the left is trying to make it so no one wants to even be a cop anymore. That’s how they abolish the police. Then we have anarchy.

    3. Lmao right all of a sudden looking for a pay out but the body cam shows differently!!! Sorry but he saved that guys life. I’m sure she had seen the cop arrive.

  12. From the cop firing 4 shots and killing a teenager as she tried to stab another girl who looked beyond terrified , to the other girl falling on the ground as a guy tried to kick her in the head this whole video was unbelievable

    1. There are 30 year olds with no morals acting like this everywhere, unfortunately. But all depends on how we are raised.

  13. The ability for the offcer to carry out his duties and remain accurate, not injuring any bystanders. Wbile dude is kicking the pregnant lady. Maddddd props for this hero who saved the life of pink girl.

  14. Damn that officer was a true blue cop. Faster than Matt Dillon from Dodge City. Praises to this cop

  15. “Officials asked the community to wait for all the facts to come out.” Yeah. Right. They started marching almost immediately. Facts don’t matter. They never have.

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