Police Officers Describe Their Ordeal During Capitol Riot | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Police Officers Describe Their Ordeal During Capitol Riot | Morning Joe | MSNBC


In new interviews, D.C. police officers are describing their ordeal defending the U.S. Capitol from insurrectionists, and the Morning Joe panel discuss some of the first-hand accounts. Aired on 01/15/2021.
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Police Officers Describe Their Ordeal During Capitol Riot | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Sirsmokalot Which police station was burned down? When did BLM endorse violence as a matter of policy? Sure – a few did. They are the crazies. There are some in every family.

  1. Cant believe a police officer got beaten to death with an American flag in the Capital of the United States by ‘Patriots’

    1. Blmantifa riots made me feel sick.  They were destroying minority businesses and the Dems let Rome burn for power…never forget!

    2. @Fjk Fjk not to BLMANTIFA and the Dems…When the Dems/media turned a blind eye to the rioting and destruction of minority businesses and federal property by the radical left (BLMANTIFA), it just emboldened the radical right…Too bad it got to this

    3. @Doug Sounds like you’re trying to justify lies and corruption .. Stop listening to this BS people are dying .. because of Politics and Trump hate, why do they hate Trump because he’s not in on they corruption and he’s about to expose them. Where were these yahoo while our cities to this day are still be rioted on a nightly bases many people have died but it continues .. with no outrage from the left.

  2. Republicans: BLUE LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!
    *MAGA mob storms Capitol, assaulted and killed police officers *
    Republicans: well.. Thoughts and prayers

    1. One officer said he was told they should let them in because they supported blue live during the BLM protests. Oh thanks for the support feel free to comit a crime. Yep thats Trumpism.

    2. @Luis A how hypocritical of you to hold off on condemnation because you want someone else to be condemned first. Peaceful protest is a right. Rioting is not. All rioters deserve to be arrested just as all insurrectionists deserve to be tried as traitors. Also, the people who spent months abusing the power of their office to perpetuate lies in an attempt to overthrow a constitutional election deserve to be tried as well. Equal justice under the law. Period.

    1. @Michaela Francis An impeachment used to carry some clout. The Democrats have reduced it to mean nothing with their 100% partisan impeachment. Be careful. What goes around comes around.

    2. @Gregg Yes, he’s bigly fantastic at setting records thanks to his ability to be uniquely deplorable and catastrophically stupid.

    1. @I.F. Horus reality isot seems is an foreign or alien concept to you … No reality supports your opinion.

  3. They are champions of the blue… as long as it is their shade of blue… the racist shade of blue. Otherwise …..

    1. @Gregg 3 sentences lining out why your whataboutisms are silly….you only concentrate on the trump being a racist part and dismiss the rest. So you agree. Thanks

    2. @Gregg when a white man tells black people to go back to their shithole African country….he’s racist. When asked if hes racist….only a racist would say he’s the least racist person you know. Anything else?

    3. @Gregg I repeat my statement as it seems you have reading problems. How do you feel about white trump supporting domestic terrorists doing recon missions with the help of elected officials resulting in 5 dead?. It’s a very simple question. No need to make stuff up

    1. @Gregg you are sickening it’s not about leftist or right it’s about serving one TRUE LOVING GOD stop choosing man over Jesus you’ll eventually loose

    2. I think it’s not as bad as you worry. I think the capital of tack did a lot of damage to the right-wing extremist movement. I think the death of police officers it’s going to turn many police officers against right-wing supremacist. I think the death of protesters is going to give many people pause when they consider participating in these events. I think the arrest, conviction, prison time, and fines are going to cool a lot of people down.

      But it’s up to Pro democracy citizens to vote any Republican who backed this attempt to overthrow our government next election if not get them to resign before the next election. To identify the businesses that support and he Democratic representatives and senators and let them know their support will cost your business.

      But I feel this is a high water mark and that the tide will recede from here. I think Trump will go bankrupt and look very weak and ultimately he will be convicted for various crimes and sentenced to jail time. If he were younger I would be concerned that he might be able to repeat what Hitler did. But Trump is very old. There’s a chance he may die in jail of old age.

    3. @Jim Hibbits I think it’s time to write down some of those guardrails as laws. It’s clear that we can no longer count on them to hold people back through shame and precedence.

      I think it’s time to separate the justice department from the rest of the executive branch formerly. And to make it impossible for a sitting president to fire inspectors General.

    4. @Celldweller Fangirl TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! Morrison is a vile destructive force with an unfortunate knack for marketing. The Libs must go for Australia’s sake.

    1. @Mister Myself that’s inaccurate as we know that younger people tend to skew left. So, its more likely that the population will become increasingly progressive.

    2. Well it’s definitely doomed then.Surveys of Republicans done after the Capitol riot show a plurality not only supports the insurrection but a plurality even blames the event on Joe Biden.I guess “Dementia Joe” must have been drinking all the Red Bull he could handle.Next thing you know he’ll be leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

    3. @Aimee McBride Theyve been saying what young people do for generations now. Most peoples mindsets evolve in time. Were all idealistic as children and then we change. As history has shown that disproves guessing is deviation to the mean. So, no it wont be a society of lefts in a generation because the last 20 generations didnt do it, this next one wont either. There will always be a balance.

    4. Trump has been vilified more than any President has ever had to endure., and he did his job every day.
      Trump is the BEST president You will see in your lifetime…

  4. Hopefully the Trump cult will have one more rally for all his supporters. A Jim Jones style cult rally complete with free refreshments.

    1. This is what I’ve been saying for years. COVID cannot act quickly enough for these unmasked murderous ignorami.

  5. Hard to watch and hear. The worst part is the magats have absolutely no regrets or shame. They cannot be reasoned with.

    1. Will you have a president that does nothing but billow the flames of unrest in a country this is the signs of a childish bad leader in general and should not ever be in charge of any nuclear buttons of any kind I don’t care how many protocols that they have this is a man who’s used to getting what he wants when he wants it and how he wants it but all of the runners up for president they’re all bad Joe Biden is just as bad as Donald Trump he’s just a little bit more smart and we’re going to find out just how bad when Biden gets the seat all I can say is God bless America

    2. @kingT2211 this was happening it’s called the summertime riots and all of the Democrat run states that were dealing with the riots did absolutely nothing well Black lives matter and antifa were literally burning these places down this is just a question of extremely crafty news on the part of CNN they’re picking out four punks that had extremely racist shirts on and why would the Republicans at the last minute do this how stupid of a move would that be to wear all kinds of hyper races shirts storm a building this is all the left and their actors that are doing this this was planned it just takes somebody with a mind and a little bit of mathematics and common sense to figure this one out The problem is, proving it.

    3. @Feanorian21 Maglor my family is full of conspiracy theorists. i assure you, they believe it with a passion.

    1. If those racist terrorists that stormed White House would have been black they would have all been shot there would have been no one tugging at your belt are threatening you let us remember all of the cases of African-Americans being pulled over and being shot to death by racist police officers because they reached for something they moved the wrong way but when it’s white folks they can pull a cop’s gun snatch at his belt and only one person gets shot

    2. @kingT2211 In the case of Philando Castile, he told the cop he had a license to carry, before he could finish the sentence he was shot and killed in front of his girlfriend and her 4yo daughter. That killer was acquitted. Yet they wonder why we say Black Lives Matter. We have to say it bc what America shows us everyday says that they don’t matter. (smh)

    3. When even the SCOTUS turns its back on due process, refusing to even hear the evidence, the fix was in to the highest points in the land. There was not one court that would accept the lawsuits; they all threw them out on technicalities. This has been the most well planned takeover of American elections ever done in the history of this country. We may never see fair and transparent elections in this country again. Total disgrace.!!!

    1. I’m sure you’re talking about antifa and all those individuals that were in this planned event it didn’t just happen organically. All the people who got video tape of police officers letting these guys in Black in and these so-called militia type people in uniforms. These are not your typical Trump supporters these are radicalized people on the left on the right planning this event to try to paint the most horrific picture of trump supporters which is what MSNBC does every day 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I’m an independent voter and you can clearly see what this was all designed to do. And of course those it NBC or just Stone Cold fascists and Karl Marx would be absolutely proud of them same with Saul Alinsky

    2. @Bruno Weight Deflecting are we? BLM weren’t armed agitators like maga is. BLM protests the historic & current state sanctioned murder of UNARMED black people. These insurrectionists didn’t like the outcome of LEGAL & VALUD presidential election, threw a tantrum like orange menace did, then tried to OVERTURN the presidential election. THAT’S INSURRECTION= SEDITION! These racist monsters stormed the capitol in hopes of taking some politicians hostage & God only knows what else!!!

    3. But they where pretty much all white, so media won’t, can’t, or have a hard time stating that fact. This is Amerikkka.

    1. Not sure why? These last 4 yrs have been fantastic for my community. Everyone had jobs, our household incomes were up, my investments were high! Just peace and prosperity and the only folks upset were powerless Dems and China. 2024

    2. @Jay Roy Sims really, head on sand. Just because you say the boogeyman doesn’t exist doesn’t mean he’s not out there.

  6. “Good morning. Happy Friday. And that’s the last happy news we have”. LMAO. Accurate description of this entire last week.

    1. @Melissa S LOL. Back in the day, when people said special, they would be referring to “special education.”

    2. @howdareyou41McCarthy called Trump during the insurrection:
      “House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, as rioters were overrunning the Capitol Building, engaged in a “heated exchange” with President Trump as He pushed them to denounce the attack, according to a source briefed on the back and forth.

      McCarthy, Trump’s closest ally and confidante on Capitol Hill, was impressing on Trump the real-time severity of the situation and implored him to forcefully denounce the attackers. Trump demurred, leading to a heated back and forth.”

    3. @howdareyou41 No, the quote you offered doesn’t demonstrate that he blames Trump for CAUSING it, but merely for not denouncing it once it started. Be real.

    1. @Peace Bless Biden claimed that if not elected rivers would flood & wildfires were going to burn down houses, do we really think he can do anything about those issues? (NO)

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