1. Thank the lord they got charged not only that the one who shot should’ve got charged with homicide to and should get life in prison for it

  2. Since day one, the postal inspector informed prosecutors that they never delivered drugs to Brianna’s apartment which was what officers stated on their application to the judge on their no knock warrant. The reason I say this is not justice, is because a few months before the Brianna murder, a male Black police officer in Houston name Gerald Goines, allegedly lied on his no knock application to a judge where two known white drug dealers were killed by police as they tried to enter the house. The Black officer is being charged with two counts of murder for lying on the application. These white officers should also be charged with murder. Because the fact pattern is so similar, the only difference that jumps out in both cases is race.

    1. @nghtwtchr9 I would’ve thought that except I can see one of the comments on my end when I check through my account . However When going to video that comment isn’t there and isn’t an outrageous comment.
      If that makes sense.

    2. @Aname what does the comment say on your screen? What little of it that shows up in the notifications?

    3. @Jonathan Boullion a commenter named Ed wrote: *“there are definitely other facts that jump out but nothing is so resonant in the american media religion as the carefully manufactured black-white conflict we all suffer. “*

      wether I agree or disagree with this commenter it doesn’t seem to be a bot or something outrageous.

    4. @Aname no, I agree completely. It seems if not eloquently written, then at least unbiased in its wording. I can see how one could take this as as both for and against the police in this story, but I also can’t see where this comment could be flagged for misinformation or at all, for any reason. Having good grammar doesn’t make one a bot, unless the guy was posting it to every commented on comment on this video. Then I could see how or why he could have been flagged. YouTube should have seriously invested in a YouTube for kids that only shows parental consented videos and normal YouTube, because in a perfect a American World on an American-made Platform, unless someone threatens violence or defames someone, anyone and everyone should be allowed to say whatever they want whenever they want.

  3. now what we want is to hold KY AG- Cameron accountable for misleading the GRAND JURY on whether or not they could recommend charges for the police!

    1. Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

    2. So you’re saying if you commit a crime you should face Justice for it. In this case I’m not sure of guilt because Brianna’s boyfriend fired through the door at the officers first. However in the argument for justice for crimes being committed and serving time for it I agree, that includes if you try to take marijuana into Russia. But I bet you want to see Brittney Griner return home to the United States and feel she did nothing wrong right

  4. Thank goodness. The prosecutor that did not bring charges against them should be charged as well. Everyone involved in the cover up in this case should be charged.

    1. @Craig Ford You are so cute. Your deflection shows that I can help you with learning and being educated. I can help you! I know you have the intelligence!!

  5. I feel like I’ve been embarrassingly impatient and harsh on Garland. From the outside it looks like nothing is being done. But look at this. Work on things that have occurred long past is still being served the #JUSTICE card. I’m hopeful

    1. @L D Actually… Wikipedia is not considered an objective source… It may be updated by any layperson, including me or you…

  6. GOOD!!! Law enforcement NEEDS to be held accountable after so many years of corruption and abuse of power as a general way of doing things. Charge them ALL! RIP Breonna!

  7. If the police officers falisified the application for the warrant and/or the affidavit in support of probable cause and/or the return of the warrant such as “we retrieved the parcel which contained narcotics” when they planted the evidence then all officers involved in the conspiracy must be prosecuted. Also for causing the death of Breonna Taylor if the warrant was defective or invalid. This invalid warrant was effectively a “general warrant” and not a warrant with particularity, therefore, this is equivelant to police going on a fishing expedition without judicial authority. The officers conduct was unreasinable and lack any good faith when drafting the warrant and executing the warrant.

    1. Excellent points. Happens all the time in this country, because they can. These people just ignore the law, yet they’re paid and sworn to uphold it. It’s madness.

  8. Brionna Was An Innocent Bystander In Her Own Home, It Could Have Been Anyone One Of Us In America !! It’s A Miracle They Didn’t Kill People In The Apartment Next Door.
    I Feel The Officers Should Still Be Charged With Negligent Homicide, Second Degree Murder, Manslaughter Something Like That.

  9. I’m glad Breonnas mother continued to fight and push for justice. She kept the faith, because me personally felt like it all simply faded to the background. Hopefully they get them to flip on the others so those murderers will go to prison. Kudos to the FEDS for doing the job that the spinless D.A. in Louisville refused to do

    1. @Michael you know most of the time when people act edgy all the time, they at least attempt to be funny.

    2. @Isaac P Great statement! @Michael, unfortunately, is not able because he hasn’t finished grammar school.

    3. Brianna Taylor and her boyfriend started firing first and they created situation that got her killed the police were not at fault. When these officers are acquitted here what are they going to do next go to the United Nations and start complaining and get the United Nations to file charges. Woman take responsibility for your daughter’s stupid mistakes

    1. @usa1776 It’s questionable if he was even the one that shot the cop. Don’t forget that most these people are still operating under the false narrative that she was “shot in her bed sleeping” bro. Do you believe that he was that big of a puke to use her as a human shield or is it more plausible that she was the one shooting…. hmm

    2. @usa1776 An illegally attained warrant for an already incarcerated individual that didn’t live there… yeah, seems legit.

    3. @usa1776 her boyfriend shot at the cops because they didn’t announce that they were cops. If someone busted into your apartment unannounced and you legally owned a firearm I’m sure that you would defend yourself. The cops lied to get the warrant, stating that her ex boyfriend had packages delivered to her apartment. LIED. Their lies caused the death of an innocent woman. The fact that you stated that her color had nothing to do with it shows your motivation in your comment. She was innocent and her boyfriend wasn’t prosecuted for shooting in self defense.

  10. They have always had these federal laws. They were put into place to bring corrupt police to justice, but almost never used because of politics.

    1. @Greg Huff lmao an illegal warrant that the cops lied to get maybe watch the video and you won’t make yourself look foolish

  11. All those people who said she was a criminal ….because they believed what the police said. There are good and bad in every profession…but with law enforcement there is no gray areas…right is right, truth is truth. Im glad her family canfinally find some justice, peace, healing and can clear her name.

  12. Honestly hope all the officers involved are convicted to the highest level of the crimes they committed idk how these officers really thought this stuff wasn’t going to come to life eventually

  13. The failed “war on drugs” needs to be abolished. Drug abuse should be treated as a medical problem, not a criminal issue

  14. I couldn’t be happier for her family and friends
    What they did is so wrong and I have been saying that from the beginning
    I had a lot of negative people telling me how crazy I was
    They even told lies about her and I looked up what they said
    I went back and told them to get their facts checked
    She was a very lovely young lady
    I know it’s not going to bring her back
    But at the very least they will have to pay for what they have done to your family and friends

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