Police release bodycam footage of Casey White and Vicky White capture | USA TODAY

Police release bodycam footage of Casey White and Vicky White capture | USA TODAY 1


  1. Goes to show what type of people they employ, she obviously had not much real life experience – none in love- management choose your staff-appropriately . They must be well rounded in life…sometimes it’s not what you know more who you know. Her management obviously the same sort of person. Scary!

    My heart goes out to her family and god rest her soul ❣️

    1. @SPOOKYTOOTH yes the mechanics of it but there’s more to it than that. You have to be aware of boundaries …be experienced with all different types of people and what makes them tic etc surly you need common sense too that help?! Mmm

  2. Ask some questions. Why did a much older woman want to protect Casey? Was Casey injured while in the Alabama prison system? Did Casey falsely admit to the latest murder to get transferred out of prison? Given Casey’s tattoos is there a race war going on in Alabama state prisons? Casey doesn’t look exactly like a mad dog in these post capture videos. Some say Casey is a pretty nice guy when he’s on his meds.

    1. @Your Average Conservative Groomer If I answered it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?

  3. The man they showed in the footage was a heavy set guy they mug shot they showed was a scrony dude this is a cover up

  4. so many law enforcement types, happily sending others to hell but not willing to go there for themselves.

  5. He’s back in Alabama sitting in a cell. And he will not be ever be aloud to set foot outside again. When he was about to step foot in the Prison. A detective told him that he will never ever be breathing fresh air again. He will be treated poorly which mean’s less meal’s then other inmates at the prison receives. And he will not be aloud to receive any pic’s of him or Vickie. And i was like he’s lying when i seen the video of him saying help his wife. Wil yes they are married and detectives are figuring out how they was legally married. The judge had the marriage dismissed and terminated which mean’s they are not legally married anymore. And Vickie White from which i heard she will be brought back to Alabama and her ash’s will be in the Law Enforcement Department.

    1. Bruh they were not married 😂😂😂 Vicky’s last name is from her ex husband

  6. When hearing about Vicky White’s fall from grace and her sad ending I cannot help but think of the song, ‘Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places.’

  7. She took out 90K from the bank and they only found 29K Mmm I wonder where the other 61k went.

  8. After hearing the Audio I do not believe she killed her self it was a Accidental accident she’s saying SEVERAL times she was scared the Air bags would come out and kill them and then again she didnt want to Die the as they was rolling crashed Gun goes off she screams then you hear more rumble her again then gun It was a Accident she was trained to never give up her Gun that’s why she still had it Gripped

  9. Few times in my life, I saw a person waste his life in such a stupid way, much more with that criminal, a true monster.

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