Police Release Redacted Bodycam Footage Of George Floyd Incident | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Police Release Redacted Bodycam Footage Of George Floyd Incident | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1


  1. Disgraceful. No commotion. No stress. The police should be ashamed. If you can’t show a duty of care for a suspect then you have no business being a law enforcement officer. Cowards.

    1. I agree, I am NOT saying what happened was good, but it’s the very few cops that abuse power and show injustice that make every cop in the US look really bad

  2. This was murder! No more no less! And it’s discraceful these police officers have not been arrested.

    1. I’m glad we don’t need to waste time and money on a trial. We’ll just use your expert testimony.

    1. Arthur Schnapka Trump owns you! Even at a time like this your life is led by your TDS. He owns your every thought, your every breath! And we laugh

  3. I don’t care what happened before that killer cop murdered that man deliberately! Arrest all of them for murder as a group because they all were part of a murder!

    1. That’s exactly what’s wrong with this country. You don’t wanna see what led up to the situation. You just wanna see him get shot so you can take it without context and say “oh my god I can’t believe he murdered that black guy he didn’t do anything!”

    2. @Rochie Roche And he didn’t. Look up the CNN interview with the store clerk and see if you say the same thing since your aim here is to clearly victim blame based on the presumption of guilt instead of innocence.

    3. @Lex AMEN!! And IF someone had tackled that murderer to save Mr. Floyd’s life, they would’ve been shot! That man should face the death penalty for what he did!

  4. Curious…why does it have to be redacted? What are they trying to hide? Those pigs were murderers, plain and simple.

    1. diana balak because they were probably protecting the privacy of the people being questioned

    2. @Victor i played gta when i was a kid. I turned out fine. Close minded aint you, huh

    3. They redacted his mannetism so theres rolm for the white racist to form a ficticious and fame narrative that he was resisting and violent

    4. So the Ppl selected for the jury can decide for themselves the proper ruling. I hope they will make the right choice.

    1. All you need to know: If the police had video that showed Floyd being clearly violent it would have been released or leaked on the same day as the incident.
      They released this instead.

  5. That video was either hiding something or was released to try to appease us and try to make us believe they are being transparent. We are not that gullible!

    1. They are going to say he was a drug user, had drugs in his system,.. and needed to be restrained in that manner,.. and it was the drugs in his system, and history of use that killed him. WATCH!!!

    2. @Joeybabbs .BABBS It actually does, most police brutality incidents always involve race

    3. @Sydni Threadgill black people planted racism into their mind and every time they encounter disadvantageous position with white they always use racism as an excuse to persecute white race.

  6. Heavily redacted because they are all about transparency. These criminals in uniform are provoking a nation into action. Where is the knee for this cops neck?

    1. @Planet Clownfish Brain then you obviously get the point Violence is futile and will only make the situation worse

    2. @Deme Vision They’re gonna get their police state weather we fight it or not. It’s up to you how you want to take it or resist.

    3. @Planet Clownfish Brain I feel like we are on the same point.
      So what are you trying to prove?

  7. Why is a public servants footage being censored? 100% access by the public since its tax payer dollars that employees them

    1. Nevada Held Accountable if said video would n it’s unredacted form pushed the correct narrative…

    2. @brad winegardner Thank you. It’s not that I’m siding with anyone, but that I’m tied of being “treated like a mushroom.”

  8. Over a dozen complaints against the cop, how do you keep your job with a dozen complaints against you?

    1. Not only that, but no repercussions for those complaints.That’s why these cops think they can do whatever they want.

    2. @Tom Hublot Do you know the difference between suspect and criminal? How about innocent until proven guilty. How about torture?

  9. Why release a redacted and silenced video. If anything, this video makes me suspicious of what was not shown/heard.

    1. @Melissa Morgan An autopsy is an extensive examination of a dead body to determine cause of death.

    2. A. L. I’m a nurse and that was murder in every since… He had his rights to a fair trial … not to be held down improper procedure being focused on him.

    3. A. L. Yes they will do a toxicology with will tell us if he had drugs in his system. But I can’t think of a reason an officers would use that type of force. He had been handcuffed when they approach him. Look he was murder in front of a lot of video footage. Derek murder him.

  10. i dont even know why justice cant be serve on an instant? this is unncessary, put them all to jail.

  11. Nothing new here it’s just a reverse angle of the store footage where the victim was sitting on the ground. I’m gonna guess the main purpose is to show the police were relaxed and ‘reasonable’. Whatever … nothing explains why the cop did not release pressure when the victim was in distress nor when the victim lost consciences. Nor the sadistic taunting.

    1. @Mark’s Dead You mean officers used excessive force to hold down a man that was either dying from heart attack or drug over dose?

    1. RBCorsiva George was arrested for forgery. He was supposedly under the influence of drugs and he resisted arrest. Did he deserve to die? No. Was he innocent? No. White people are killed by police more frequently but there’s no media there. Just blame all of this on white people. Racist pig.

    2. @Pete Fenton perhaps you should wait fot factual information before you publicly assume a dead man was on drugs or resisting. I have seen no evidence of either.

    3. @Pete Fenton LMAO yea keep lying to yourself and be blind to the truth. You are the racist one, keep supporting killing black people you privileged racist pig.

    4. @RBCorsiva Are you stupid, why should the caller be held accountable for the murder. And the fact you are getting so triggered by people calling you racist is 100% proof that you are indeed a racist.

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