1. @Paul Allen I am. So what are you going to do about it? Call me names? Use emoticons? Ooooooo, THAT’LL hurt………

    1. You can’t? Of course they did. It’s Canada, and the police think they own you. Despicable cowards, every single one of them. Every cop in Ottawa right now is a bad cop, and guilty in the same way the politicians are. Let them share the same prison for a few decades.

    2. @So Isaidtogod They bet them they could not get up 5 times and then asked them nicely to keep trying ~…

    3. @Carol Grier Awesome….or the odds that the millions seized will now become the property of the class action lawsuit claiming it should be theirs….How funny is that going to be,,,LOL

    1. Real Canadians are polite, law abiding, trusting and well intentioned just like Venezuelans are. It’s paid off well for them. Viva la revolución. ❤️ Canada 🇨🇦

  1. Go in the midst of the crowd so you see what is actually happening in there. Are you scared the police might hurt you?

    1. No, they are worried the hostile protesters harassing them on national TV will do something to them which they likely will.

    1. I am glad you’re there I don’t agree with your viewpoints but I’m glad you’re there so you can see with your own eyes you may not report but you can see

  2. The law of cause and effect states that every cause has an effect and every effect becomes the cause of something else.

  3. Parliament Hill needed to be controlled? What’s that all about then?
    BTW arrested appears to mean kidnapped (maybe beaten) then released elsewhere…the guy that asked to be charged was taken to a police station and later released without charge… so they wouldn’t have to invent a crime.

    1. Several were reportedly dumped outside the city, 10-20 kilometers away. In the snow, with no shelter or transportation nearby.

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