1. @iH8TrumpTerrorists yes, and this specific model has so many air bags in every angles, and also another safety thing that I heard, but don’t remember exactly what it was.

    2. @iH8TrumpTerrorists and even a air bag right in between the driver and passenger seats if I recall

  1. This man just said he was speeding but no charges will be filed. And people are saying special treatment, I get it piss on my leg and tell me it raining.

    1. @Ryan Drayton Good for him. Sorry to hear about that and I hope he’s ok. Not sure the relevancy of that though since I don’t know the facts in that accident. I know Tiger should have been more careful on a stretch of road that is known for accidents involving high speeds. How can one be surprised so much by their rate of acceleration that they inadvertently hit the gas instead of the brakes if they aren’t being distracted by something else? And maybe I’m wrong but for the cops to just dismiss searching for activity on his phone because they didn’t feel it necessary isn’t right. If you’ve gone down any sort of hill on a public road (which is usually not more than a 6% grade), your vehicle gradually increases speed. For a 6% grade I’M GUESSING every 2-3 seconds a driver should be applying brakes to make it down safely. Plus most safe drivers would have their foot close to the brake while descending a hill like that. Only an idiot would have their foot by the gas pedal.

    2. @Joni Mari Cruz Going nearly double the speed limit is reckless driving dumbass. Words isn’t even getting a slap on the wrist.

    3. @Joni Mari Cruz I’ve only gotten two tickets in 600,000 miles of driving. I didn’t complain or whine….I just paid them.

  2. So will he be charged with speeding and dangerous driving?Or does he get a celebrity pass?This is not his first car accident and it’s fortunate he didn’t kill anyone with his carelessness.

    1. If he’d of hit and killed someone they probably would have charged that person for being in the way of a rich person

  3. In fact whenever someone had such a horrible accident in the state of California, once you are taken to the ER, the doctors in the ER would do a blood test to make sure there’s no alcohol or drugs involves.

    1. They don’t always test in California. My brother had a terrible accident about 12 years ago where he hydroplaned on a curve going around 65mph in a 50-zone and flipped after hitting a post. He went to the hospital, but wasn’t screened for intoxicants. Had they checked, they would have found him probably double or triple the legal limit. He wasn’t charged with anything because there were no other people or vehicles involved, and the damaged post was of low enough value he was allowed to pay it out of pocket instead of reporting it.

      Thankfully, the accident was a much-needed “come to jesus moment” for him, and he finally learned to call a cab. Only cost him 3 or 4 fractures, around a million bruises and cuts, 6 weeks of lost paychecks, and a 70-thousand-dollar car to learn that…

    2. @Cristia Olson
      Girl your brother was lucky, in California hospitals that’s a mandatory policy.
      Was he taken to the hospital by the Ambulance?
      Was there any CHP or cops to reports the accident?
      Because I had the same thing, I was speeding up sepulveda hills, I went through some house wall.
      the cops and Ambulance came, I was transported to Encino hospital, where the doctor told me that it is their policy to make sure their was no alcohol or drugs involved, I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs, I know I was good, after the results came back negative the cops said to me be more careful out there, he did not give me any speeding ticket.

    3. @Oba***Man YouTube took my channel out My brother didn’t report the accident to the CHP until he was discharged from the ER. He was conscious after the accident, and managed to call our parents to come get him and take him to the hospital. By the time CHP met him (in his temporary cast) at the scene of the wreck the next morning, he was already sobered up. Had he hit another car, or had emergency services been dispatched, it’s very likely he would have been tagged with his third DUI.

      He’s beyond lucky for a lot of reasons, and we’re all just grateful no one else was hurt and it was the final catalyst needed to make him grow up. His oldest daughter had just been born a week earlier, and he realized he could have died or gone to jail and left her without a dad.

    4. @Cristia Olson
      Girl I bet that accident changed his life around, he was lucky he would’ve gotten nailed, I remember the cop saying to me “you’re a healthy guy” after my blood test came out negative, because I went through someone bricks wall my sports car was total, ever since I hates spending with sport cars or luxury cars, because I can be reckless on the street of LA.

  4. LOL. No citations issued. Think about that next time you’re ticketed for going 5mph over the limit.

    1. @dead pool Yep this was a NEW high end car with automatic recording of factors like speed…black boxes standard now. he was given kid gloves because of celebrity and race.

    2. But most on here and walking the streets think letting people off because you are told their ancestors were slaves for whitey makes all this OK.

    3. @DC Mitchell so like if you commit a crime as long as they dont catch you that day you can just go free. Ya lol . It was proven by looking at the car and the black box. Do you really think it was going 45mph for that to happen? Geeze grow one guy.

    4. There were quite serious consequences, though. Very serious injuries and months of pain. Nobody other than the driver was injured. I hope Tiger learned his lesson.

  5. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s department does not have a record of being honest and truthful. I really don’t believe anything they said, their body language is suspicious. Why did it take weeks to say Woods was speeding? No special treatment to a famous persona in LA? Really? Perfect skit for SNL.


    2. Agreed. The guy can’t stop pursing his lips. Classic body language for stress while speaking and omissions.

    3. You phrased that wrong. That’s like saying “This particular great white shark does not have a record of being vegetarian” since NO sharks are vegetarians lol! What you should have said is “Every police/sherriff has a record of dishonestly/lying/lawbreaking/tampering with evidence/planting evidence/extortion/murder/etc so no one should believe anything they say.” They always say “Oh there’s only a few bad apples in every police department” to which you need to say “Really, well then show me any GOOD APPLE that has exposed and arrested ANY so-called bad apple and I’ll believe you, otherwise they are obviously ALL bad apples with fraternity-mentallity covering up each other’s crimes like they always do.”

  6. Normal folks like us would’ve been drug tested and charged with reckless driving. It must be nice being above the law

  7. “We’re unsure”
    “Our investigators are not following leads or asking questions… you can ask them what they haven’t found.”
    “We heard some things but don’t know anything and we’re not asking anyone except Tiger and he said so leave us alone!”

  8. Do these guys know that he was speeding based on the black box, yet.. they can’t service him a ticket. I wonder how this will effects others with similar accidents

  9. The rich and famous Are never held to the same standards as the little man
    This is called special treatment

    1. I hold a healthy bias against rich people. Of course he got special treatment. Until the next media spectacle, Mr. Golfracer.

    2. @S Brown You do realize Tiger is black. If you saying black people gets special treatment from police, alot of black people would disagree with you unless you unless you mean special treatment as in police brutality.

    3. @The Instigator Lets run this drill one more time for the slow….(can save time watching the Chris Rock video on YT).

      If you FIGHT with the PO LEASE, chances are you gunna get an azz kicking. It doesn’ t matter what you are. Thems the facts. Black people are a bit slow on getting this fighting deal as a pct. Comes from listening to too much Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters (aka James Brown).

    4. De POLEASE hire meatheads…(see derick Chauvin for clues). Thus they are a tad slow on understanding anything beyond cuff-em and transport. Which is basically their only job. Saying chit to these inbreds accomplishes nothing. Don’t fight them. Go to the station and call a lawyer. I mean you can try the “i cant breath” thing to get out of it but you see how that work for Cuz.

    5. @S Brown OK…… so you hate black people, that’s fine and I don’t care. Just leave me alone because I don’t want to have anything to do with your KKK rhetoric.

    1. @Winston Wood — it’s still a citation, do you think you or I would get off with a, Glad he survived end of story from the cops, hell no

    2. He was lite the hell up on pain meds, not to mention speeding, just goes to show the only color the justice department doesn’t discriminate against is Green

  10. No drug test
    No alcohol test
    No info about how long he was speading
    No checking phone to see if he’s texting or on phone.
    No charges even though he was speeding

    And yet they have the audacity to sat they are giving him no special treatment.

    1. @Vertigotheatre1 LMAO! Your feelings are of absolutely no concern to me. Also I’m telling you, from experience, that drug and alcohol tests are routinely administered when someone is admitted to a hospital. Their confidentiality is protected by HIPAA, the police have no say in it. CHP probably didn’t order a mandatory blood draw since there was no odor of alcohol, no drugs or paraphernalia were found at the crash site and neither were any open containers.

  11. Tiger needs to spend his hard earned money on a chauffeur, this mans history with vehicles is scary.

  12. I call b.s that couldn’t get a drug test it was a single vehicle crash they didn’t want to cuz it was a famous person

  13. Tiger must have given a hefty donation to his campaign fund to get such special treatment because here in Alabama a tube of blood would have immediately been taken in wreck like that, regardless!

    1. As it would be in california also, here in washington state a few years ago a truck driver was rear-ended at a stop light, the police drug tested him and found pot in his system, he was charged for drug use and fired, mind you he was the one hit yet he was tested because he was involved in a accident, so to hell with the kid gloves treatment for the rich

  14. This is odd, and I say this as a fan of Tiger.

    The man had his 5th back surgery back in December, and has had a host of other injuries and surgeries throughout the years. He has a history of using prescription drugs for medicinal purposes. How they could not check to see if he was on prescription medication is beyond me

  15. Any other person would have gotten at the VERY LEAST a reckless driving citiation. he got preferential treatment.

    1. Yeah well he’s TIGER “DIRTBALL ” WOODS !! Doesn’t shock me IN THE LEAST that he walked away SCOTFREE !!!

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