Police Search Controversial Church Pastor Mansion | TVJ News – Oct 21 2021

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    1. The reporter sounds like he has a breathing problem I don’t think he’s nervous just my observation

    1. Jamaicans are watching. Some around the world are watching. But unfortunately, the world has problems as well,and many of them are the same problem. Cult leaders causing people to lose their minds.

    1. I heard that too.That means he is not in jail and is in his home. He could be committing further crimes and holding people prisoner even. How well was that search done, and was it an authentic search or one done only for appearances sake since his crimes are so vast it cannot be seemed that nothing is being done, and that could be the case. It is very dangerous to have a cult leader that has caused others to murder to be free like that. Or under “house arrest” or whatever.

    2. They said he was carefully hidden from the camera. I assume that was the intention of the police. He’s in handcuffs at 1:00 so I believe he is still in police custody, but was taken to the search. Not sure why though.

  1. Woo it had to take a tragedy for them to find out he robbed so many people. Wow.the church members were not giving to God they were giving to food and materialized goods. What a wicked man.

    1. You are so right I was not too long ago saying the same thing this guy was living well off these people so why go any where else he is living a lavish life style

  2. This is one reason I don’t covet or grudge a soul. An mi keep mi eye open pan so called “pastors” who don’t seem to be able to satisfy OR those that profit at the hands of their fellowships (who usually suffer for basic needs/amenities). Mi naa seh dem need fi poor but as far as my reading of the WORD, true followers of Christ usually stick to as much as they have need.

  3. They should also perform forensic accounting on his bank account(s). Check to see if he has cash app and those other money transfer apps. Check if he has other cellphones, and all other technological devices. Check if he is storing assets in other people’s names here and abroad.

      You are right. Many of our people are lost, but they have to help themselves. He can still be charged based on definition of duress if they can prove that they turned to him for help and they manipulated them. Also, many of those sacrificial behaviors that were being performed is illegal in Jamaica. There are many ways to skin this cat. Many many ways.

    2. @Sanjay Barnes i have little knowledge of it thanks bro .. but jamaicans suffer every day to be so easily scammed..I recently watching some of this man videos and its horrible the way he preaches his life style .. some of these persons would never help their fallen neighbors.. but see it fun to give pastor their money bcuz pastor said the lord said they are suppose to give money to the church .. ppl God gave men the knowledge to do alot of good and they ended up doing bad .. so just remember God did not write the Bible man did … food for thoughts ..

    3. @BIZZ ENTERTAINMENT BiZz WORL That is the thing. When a person is in a position for so long and want to get out they will turn to anything to get them out. This proves that not many people out there are genuine. Especially when unscrupulous people think they are entitled to what you have. With anything there is mentality behind it and they mentality isn’t good, you better get out. The same applied to that cult. Those people are seeking a better like or more and they ran into a con man.

    4. @St.Thomas Jamaica News (SJN) Jamaica can’t pay me and I no longer work for the establishment for free. Society told me to go to the best university possible and I’ll get the job that I want. When I saw that wasn’t the case, I became very careful of who I lend my talent to. However, if a person need some information to make money, I’d definitely give him information as long he is willing to help others when he gets to his destination.

  4. How many houses this man have, anyways not a thing a come out of this, are they gonna search the grounds for Graves?

    1. I see something like this in NY.
      The scammer who said he is a pastor have more than one homes and some of the members living in dark basements.
      Be careful of these so-called Pastors..

    1. @Kicky If your argument is that no pastor knows the Bible well, then I don’t think anyone should be taking you seriously.😂😂

    2. That man is NOT of GOD, therefore he is NOT a pastor. Rhus says the LORD, TEST the Spirit to see if its from GOD

    1. I believe he was arrested! The question should be why was he given bail? He should have been, at least charge with conspiracy to murder. Can any lawyer out there tell the people why he did not charge, with at least conspiracy to murder?

    2. He’s in handcuffs at 1:00. I don’t know why they needed him present during the search though.

    1. What sentence you didn’t see the man a walk and talk to someone by his gate like nothing is wrong. Let’s wait and see

  5. What a shame! Try not to envy people because we just don’t know what they’re doing to gain fame and wealth.

  6. Why is this man still living in a large house, if it was a regular jamaican Pastor them would have lock him up.

    1. fe show you say him not regular !! him deep in Dark magic business and the Prime Warlock weh jamaica have mix up in it as well !

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