Police seen shoving elderly man to ground | USA TODAY

Police officers suspended after video shows them shoving 75-year-old man to ground.
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A 75-year-old man suffered a head injury and is in 'stable but serious condition' after he was shoved by police during a protest in Buffalo, New York.

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  1. This is why there should be NO IMMUNITY for the police. This was a cowardly act of violence against a senior citizen. These cops must be arrested.

    1. have a taste of what the US military was doing in Irak Afghanistan znd other countries now it on your own land.

    1. Suspended without pay 2 of them but its the mayor who encouraged them yesterday to do such things whos responsible

    2. Punish them like the 4 young African American Men were punished who beat the old couple
      Over the head with 2x4s. EQUAL JUSTICE.

  2. They just walk on by, too bad for grandpa when everybody spent the spring desperately protecting all the grandpas and grandmas. These people have no soul.

  3. have some respect for your elders. absolutely disgusting, USA is beyond recognition

    1. yup But for the most part people are good..dont let a few bad apples ruin the bunch.. I still have faith in humanity

  4. No why. That one officer should have dropped his weapon and stood against this. He could have shown leadership. Why. Tho why.

  5. What the Hell?! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
    Suspended with out pay?! FIRE THEM!!! NOW and file charges!

  6. He didn’t even check to see if he was breathing or had a pulse wtf plenty of others to get on the radio and make that as you check to see if he’s breathing and has a pulse

    1. because they knew he didn’t hit his head and there was no logical reason for him to be pouring out blood from his ear seconds after he hits the ground.

    2. @P. Spit I know right? It’s really weird that he started bleeding from having contact with the ground. Maybe a ghost opened a pack of ketchup right next to his ear -__-

    1. As an experiment, try pushing an elderly man down in a similar fashion and see what happens to you. Then, while you sit in prison, watch this video above and consider what you need to do to be able to get away with similar acts in the future. And, not only get away with crimes, but, to have the majority of the American public cheer for you as you commit these egregious acts of violence. Indeed, if you are a criminal or, if you want to commit criminal acts with impunity, you need to join the police force!

    1. First, let me say that I’m against police violence 100%…. but
      We have a problem with this case.
      Look at the video.
      This is not a protest situation, as the cops are doing a sweep.
      This means orders were given to disperse.
      When that old man confronted the police, he was not on the side of the law.
      Worse yet… the old man put his hands on the cop, which the cop reacted by pushing him away.
      Maybe the push was too hard… but.
      In a court of law, the fact the man confronted the cop first, placed his hands on the cop first… makes this case nearly impossible to prosecute.
      That is reality.

      If you are out protesting, and an order is called to disperse… do yourself and our cause a favor… disperse and do NOT confront the police.
      Doing so will only put you in a lose lose situation.
      That is reality.

  7. These thugs have forgot who they work for, who pays their wages. They are SERVANTS, and should be reminded of that.

    1. rex mundi well, the EMPLOYER should remain these THUGS who they work for and who pays for them!!!!

    1. keep that same energy with the looters and the people who are encouraging it.
      keep that same energy with the groups of protestors that jump people on the street and stomp them out.
      keep that same energy with the groups who “protest” by jumping in the middle of the freeway, stop the cars, then destroy the cars that they force to stop, with the drivers still inside.

      this is getting out of hand on both sides and its time to calm down.

      you guys are going to get Trump re-elected because every destroyed community will vote for him.

    2. No ,, people are responsible for their own actions… pretty Simple.. This is why we have society and law in the first place

    3. H N . Equal response require equal responses to the problems ,,,This was clearly overkill. The guy didn’t lay one finger on them.. as for looters ,, You treat them accordingly to each incident.. Treat others like you would want to be treated..

  8. “America will never be destroyed by outside forces. If we lose our freedom, it will be because we were destroyed from within”- Abraham Lincoln.

    1. I think all cops should be reeducated in a concentrated camp. take torture and abuse like they did to us, this way they will understand and experience the pain they inflicted on us.

    2. Habakkuk Israel woah buddy that’s kind of racist. Most of us in the u.s aren’t bad people and when people come and visit from other countries they expect us to be mean but we are actually friendly. Depends what part of the u.s you’re at. We aren’t bad people just kind of cocky and talk about our selves a lot

    3. Ur end is coming… And I just hope u suffer…
      Americans only see the crualty of their actions if its done by them on them… You don’t even see what the US did since the second world War…

    1. @Vanya Davydov Let’s assume it’s staged and he put fake blood in his ear. Notice how the video keep rolling after the man is shoved away from view. It took the camaraman 2 seconds to go from the original view to the man bleeding.
      Are you suggesting the 75 year old man has the dexterity to put enough fake blood in his ear with such precision as to not spill any more in an unnatural way while at the same time not putting too much to endanger his life putting liquid through his ears and put his arms away from his head into a position that makes it seem like he actually felt in 2 seconds? That the police would allow more tarnishing of their name? Or that someone paid multiple people to dress as cops, which happen to look like real cops, to act in a public area while there’s both quarantine and protests going on?

  9. That’s horrifying and heartbreaking. A lot of blood and he just lies there limply. I hope he is ok. I also noticed the only ones who knelt to help were National Guard members.

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