Police Shoot 3, Fourth Man on the Run in Westmoreland, Jamaica - April 23 2021 1

Police Shoot 3, Fourth Man on the Run in Westmoreland, Jamaica – April 23 2021


Three men were killed by police in St. Elizabeth, while another is on the run. The incident follows an alleged shootout in Westmoreland last night.

0:00 – Introduction
2:05 – Father Who Killed Son Remanded
7:58 – Exportation of Local Mangoes
15:17 – Midfielder to Play for Jamaica

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  1. Congratulation to the citizens of Portland, keep it up you are your brothers keeper. God be praised.

  2. Thanks Giovanni for the Jamaica news am watching from USA .I have a mango property in Jamaica east Indian, Julie, Bombay Aiden I would love to get some more information about how to export .

  3. God protect the JDF and JCF. Dear Lord please change the hearts of the young men in Jamaica.
    God loves, Jesus saves.

  4. I am urging my fellow Portland citizens to report any strange person/persons you see pop up in your community to the police, it doesn’t matter who they visit it’s a good way to keep your communities safe.

  5. What about us in the Bronx? I called so many places last year & didn’t get even one had to buy Haitian instead. Pleaeaease remember us.

  6. Dem ting vex me rasta. My great-granny is from St. Elizabeth. As a yute, every summer I looked forward to leaving Tivoli and tek the bus to country — the land of food & peace. Ok, that was the 70’s but I still want a semblance of that: don’t want thugs destroying our safe havens.

  7. I live in Rhode Island and would love to get some of those nice mangoes from my born land Jamaica

  8. Spanish Town mon in Westmoreland, Kingston mon in Portland.Badness is coming to ur communities from far.

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