1. Hecameup sure, just exchange US law enforcement to HK, and let Hong Kong protestors to America please

    2. HK protestors have a lot of exp. Our protestors don’t have laser teams, medics, everyone here is not really in good shape to run away also.

    3. US demonstraters are fighting for their survival rights, the whole world watched in horror to see how black people were killed in the most ” free” and “liberal ” country. Talking about human rights is a joke in US.

    4. @Jane SG Nope. The US don’t put minorities into concentration camps and harvest prisoners’ organs. Or killing hundreds of students for a protest.

  1. It’s really detestable that they are trying to silence the media. They don’t want their actions to be recorded. They are threatened by people seeing the truth so they attack innocent people. Freedom of the press!!

  2. I’m just wondering where were the national guard when the “patriots” descended upon the state house in Lansing, Michigan?

    1. @PV is like, “A true American doesn’t divide but unites….. white people, white people, white people.”

    2. @johny boom also ask how cnn or msnbc is always has a camera rolling when things are about to happen. Ask why did cnn deliberately lie when they were asked to move to a designated area when they were obviously standing in the middle of the road counting to repeat the same lines over and over but not acting on there bs lines..

    3. @Young Illinoisan they showed up with assault weapons. And I’m watching police firing on the news media.

  3. There should have been a warning by the police , that is standard procedure and common sense,otherwise it will literally inflame the crowd.

    1. Did you see the rioters running away like a pack of scared rats?? HAHAHA The party is OVER in Minneapolis TONIGHT!!!

    1. What is so sicking is your lack of understanding the difference between state, and federal government…… Those police are working for a democrat controlled city…. Your lack of political knowledge is absolutely atrocious. To be kind………….

  4. This is what happens when you have a president who fans the flames of hate and racism all during his term . This country is bleeding profusely. 🙏 RIP George Floyd

    1. Ik right 🤦🏿‍♂️ gud thing this is his last year 👀 he wasn’t gonna make it another

  5. Remember Trump loves Dictators that use military and police to overthrow the population. Republicans lead by Trump are attacking US citizens. Keep fighting or become another North Korea

  6. I just wonder how many of the police are maga people – looks like open season on the press to me

    1. Trump is upset as the protesters unleash their fury for 4 years of Trump rule, chanting LOCK HIM UP (about Trump) and THE ORANGE PIG SHOULD DIE. It would been poetic justice if someone managed to throw a brick that hit Trump in the face.

    2. Yes, it sounds like the Fox News-Trump boys and girls. They arrested the CNN crew BEFORE they arrested the killer.

    1. Exactly what Trump is doing right now taunting the protestors via tweet behind the walls. Its like cutting the head of Hydra at this point.

  7. Is this what a modern, free, first-world nation does to its own citizens and free press?

  8. They arrested a CNN reporter yesterday. Now it’s MSNBC. Gee I wonder where their getting their orders from ? This is horrible.

    1. Did you see the rioters running away like a pack of scared rats?? HAHAHA The party is over in Minneapolis TONIGHT!!!

    2. @The Alpengeist You literally have no life, going around repeating that nonsense on multiple comments.

  9. This was what happened to HK when the cops turned peaceful protest to chaos. 😢. We feel for you.

  10. “Guard state capital”, so people who brought guns in a capital building is ok, but when there is black people who are rioting is considered a criminal offense. Make sense

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