Police Shootings Present New Challenge For Biden Administration | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Police Shootings Present New Challenge For Biden Administration | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


With more police departments in America facing tough questions after police shootings, Biden and his Justice Department face some tough policy and legal choices. We discuss that with Peter Baker, Joyce Vance, and Cedric Alexander. Aired on 04/27/2021.
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Police Shootings Present New Challenge For Biden Administration | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Our constitution says we are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law perhaps the police should remember that .

  2. I can’t understand your pain because you don’t have the time or understanding to see mine.
    Who said, til you do right by me, everything in your life will be touched .

    1. @george butler I guess you just aren’t a very nice or compassionate human. Maybe you just don’t have any imagination.

    2. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords compassion is for people who want something like forgiveness for their wrong doing

    3. @george butler Being cynical probably makes you depressed.  Compassion is the acknowledgment that not all pain can be ‘fixed’ or ‘solved’ but all suffering is made more approachable in a landscape of compassion.

    4. @george butler A more traditional definition of compassion is: sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

  3. “he’s gotta gun to his head!” So to stop him shooting himself (with his phone), this cop shoots him? WTF!

    1. Of all the executive orders, there’s nothing on the slaughter of black ppl at the hands of police

  4. “He’s got a gun to his head!” The cops think he’s going to shoot him self so they shoot him multiple times first?

    1. @reject anime, embrace imperialism I’m well aware that trying to get horrible people to care about others is futile. Based on your comments I feel I should explain to you that I mean you when I say horrible people. Of course, only based on your asinine comments

    2. @reject anime, embrace imperialism edgy bro, I seriously liked the take on word play, but sure, whatever pal

    3. @Amanda Shaheen they would need a censor team on stand by, faces and certain intel in home situations would need to be redacted, but too true bro. Hopefully things come together

    4. @reject anime, embrace imperialism let’s get all the stupid extremist name calling out of the way

    5. @Whiqed Dik true there would need to be some censorship for people’s privacy but not to cover anything illegal up.

  5. Biden’s orders show contrast to the other person’s orders. One say’s preserve all lives at all cost and the other says exterminate certain lives at all costs, if you go to jail, i’ll have your back.

    1. OMG… One said YOU AINT BLACK… One said the N word. One did Prison reform that helps BLACKS, one brags on his crime bill that LOCKED UP MORE BLACKS. You people are brainwashed.

    2. @Wisconsin Man I do know about you people in Wisconsin, so I definitely do not expect anything productive from you unless it ends with “Make America Great Again”, however, I will bring this full circle and continue to support the only sitting president to not be ashamed and apologize publicly in front of the whole nation for those transgressions, and promised to reverse the orders of extermination by police upon the black communities, and to be a president for all, even those that disagree with his policies Mr. Wisconsin.

    1. At least Biden has something in his head worth remembering, while the „very stable genius“ has nothing in his head at all.

    2. @Andrew Mitchell Hahahaha Yeah, He doesn’t even no where he is. Can’t remember “that fellow running that outfit over there”. Plus, You aint black.

  6. I wanna know why he shot Isaiah when he was with him that morning. The cop took him home earlier. What type of relationship did they have? Something stinks

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