Police St. Ann Crash | TVJ News – July 25 2022

Police St. Ann Crash | TVJ News - July 25 2022 1


  1. As Jamaica are a beautiful place to visit the government, business, city and town need to been painted one every three years to look beautiful for visitors.

  2. And people need to talk up to tell drivers to stop slow down or let Dem off the bus period no way I will let this happen to me

  3. While speeding is an issue, the transportation authority of Jamaica also need to upgrade the road signs also.

    I was in Jamaica recently and I was appalled at the lack of adequate road signs. I had an issue where we entered the wrong side of a one way leading on to a high way and we didn’t see any signs to indicate we entering on the wrong side. Maybe there was a sign but we missed it. The signs need to visible and there should be multiple signs just in case you missed the first one.

    For these reasons, I refuse to drive when I’m there. People don’t realize that they are mostly driving off muscle memory and are not getting any assistance from the road signs.

  4. Fix the road.

    Pave the road with CONCRETE. Keep on blaming speed for accidents on that clean corridor. Dew, Fog and Rain make out there slippery for YEARS now.

    Anyone who knows, can u state exactly where this accident occurred; near to which landmark

  5. Nothing wrong with road, Landover need speed cameras, police won’t be there, how many times them say same ting.

  6. Passengers sit too comfortably in vehicle that are driving recklessly. The rather experience a crash rather the saying driver stop and let us out.

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