Police Station Destroyed | Protest in Spanish Town, Jamaica – May 19 2021

Police Station Destroyed | Protest in Spanish Town, Jamaica - May 19 2021 1


    1. That is not Trench Town. Get your information straight. Trench Town is about half a mile away.

  1. Jamaica have the worst justice system…. All the politicians is doing is chat off them mouth every day

    1. @Andrene Finn Tell me about it. A lot of these people are nothing but hypocrites, and double standards. They only see all the faults in Jamaica, and cannot even fart too hard, in a other people Countries.

    2. @PaydayEmpire I thought that Jamaica, was out of many, one people. Jamaica, is also a mix nation, unless you know something that I don’t.

    3. @Joan Bailey, You meant, ” They can’t fart in their own country”. We consistently observed on Social media where White Woman called cops on Blacks for bbq in park, eating in dormatory, cops called while you’re in Starbucks minding your own business, and harassed while driving. We can’t escape the Fkry

    4. All of his comes down to the people, younare the guys who elect these leaders to be in power. And as peope who has the 4ight of freedom of speech and has the power to elect and to take out leaders of power you also automatically have the ability to demand change for the better of the country, you guys have the ability to speak out and speak up against the powers that be to make better change in jamaica you have the freedom of speech, freedom of press and the country is a democratic nation which means that the overall population has the right to choose their leaders, the lack of expression againts the problems with the nation and the false promises rhat polititions make is allowing the government to be too comfortable in their positions, if the people just speak out and demand change and preasure the government i bet that half of jamaica’s problems will be solved.

  2. Tell the government they need Ambulances. Medical Emergency Vehicles. Medical Rescue Vehicles .

    1. @Mizz Mention they use tax dollars to buy high end vehicles for the non performing politicians instead. Jamaica is getting from bad to worst.

    2. It’s about time now for the government to have emergency services vehicles to serve the public in emergency situations

  3. Condolences to the whole family and praying for the two boys that God will give them peace within to cope with the tragedy of losing their mom in such fashion at such an age

    1. Very sad situation, but I believe that the boys will do well ,I am of the view that their mother made a poor choice in the type of man she was involved with.

  4. I don’t know what happened here but I’ll say I’ve seen police pounced upon a man and shoot him before he could recognize them much less beg Fi mercy.

  5. We need to see these persons face whenever you are bringing these wanted men. A lot of person have the same name

  6. I feel this lady’s pain. I hope a thorough investigation will be carried out & the truth will be known.

  7. Mother im so sorry i feel your pain I’m innocent civilians and the way police treats me at times for nothibg not even a pen just regular patrol especially if they ever take you to the ststion omg jamaica needs jesus

  8. Every mother in the garison saying that there son innocent when police kill them even if they have the bigest gun

  9. Sleep In Heaven to those 2 innocent babies, and condolences to the mother and the family. This is very sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Right now I think that when parent and community members, stop saying them son or the boys them innocent, then we will have a better justice system

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