Police Will Have ‘Duty To Intervene’ In Wake Of Rayshard Brooks Death, Says Atlanta’s Mayor | MSNBC


  1. We still have to trust that the cops who are currently on the force will adapt to policies that make it more difficult to unleash their sociopathic brutality on citizens. We need to recycle these officers. Taking current tyrants and trying to get them to finally act human is a task I do not see as being possible without a serious cultural shift in policing, the hiring process and constant constant constant review and oversight.

    1. Until then, keep your phones ready and *WHATEVER* else you need to keep yourself and close ones safe.

  2. In the landmark decision by the Supreme Court in 1985

    The justices ruled 6-3 that shooting fleeing suspects who are not an imminent threat violates the person’s constitutional rights. They said officers could use lethal force to stop a fleeing felon only if they have reasonable grounds to think the suspect is a danger to police or bystanders. And they added that officers should, if possible, shout out a warning before firing.

    1. @Jed Bloch Sorry,not right to shoot somebody in the back,they knew who he was & where he lived, & had his car! B.L.M.

    2. @Jed Bloch That’s why he’s in jail, you don’t shoot anybody in the back that’s not a threat to public,the police shooting in a parking lot full of cars sounds a bit more dangerous to me. B.L.M.

    3. @ebulating And we’re shocked at how you think this criminal behavior is in any way normal! What kind of person fights the police? Unbelievable.

  3. This happens when a president heats up against his governors and mayors. Free from Donald Trump.

    1. @Dieter Dödel Are you a good little merkel brown shirt ? Why dont you worry about your commie country and leave us alone ?

    2. Ever notice that all these cities that have looting, murders, arson, and vandalism are all cities that have been run by democrats for decades? Interesting too these are the cities where this “institutional racism” being protested exists.
      “The democrat party is playing you for a political chump, and if you vote for them, not only are you a chump, but a traitor to the race” – Malcolm X. He was killed 2 days after saying this….by democrats….but Black Lives Matter yo’!

  4. It’s almost as if these cops don’t understand that “deadly force” isn’t a default but a last resort. 🤔

    1. @mark mywords And you’ll retain that highly competent
      skill of manning your fryer station. Congratulations!

    2. @Monica Haymes Not murder, yet Clarence Darrow.
      You aren’t even a lawyer, are you? Don’t be one.

    3. @frictionRx9 The cops need to understand it is wrong to shoot a man running away from you in the back.

    4. @SouthSide Chicago He didn’t have a gun. You think he should have been executed based on the mere possibility he could commit a crime? That is very Trump-like thinking.

  5. I find it funny everyone hates police until they need their help,then it’s it’s ur duty to help me

    1. It’s not about “hating police”, it’s about wanting accountability for the actions of police. Why is everything an absolute with you trump-humping morons?

  6. There’s a traitor in the White House, nobody has intervened and there’s very little time left to do so.

    1. @Gooey 911 LMAO WOW. Malcolm X spitting game and what does he get in return? Typical democratic love.

  7. If police were required/trained to resuscitate those in distress there would be a lot less choking.

    1. Do you really want the Nazi’s to intervene a lot of us have guns you think anarchy would be worse than storm troopers?

    1. @2be Blunt really? So we have a right to try and take a cops weapon, its just some little game we play?

    2. Bud Fudlacker stop saying weapon it’s a non lethal deterrent it’s not a firearm and no cops life was in danger. Why do you even bother commenting here we all know who you are you understand that much at least right?

    3. @2be Blunt you mean when he was shocked with a tazer his partner was using? You’re insulting George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery by calling this the same thing, they weren’t armed…

  8. The terminology is flawed. “…or, to bring a situation under control.”

    This is their loophole.

    Vague, at best.

    1. Good..
      Let them.
      Now hire a fresh batch of officers & train them with new methods…

  9. In the military they teach us we can’t fire until you see the barrel of the enemy point at you. We teach more restraint towards terrorists than we do our own citizens.

    1. You made an intelligent comment about the international rules of engagement and instead of googling it they choose to call bs. I’m sorry on their behalf and your comment is important, the fact that this seems so outrageous to certain Americans speaks volumes.

  10. This mayor is very courageous.. The decisions she is making are needed and necessary. I applaud her efforts.

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