Policeman & Attacker Fatally Shot in Manchester Jamaica | TVJ News - Dec 4 2021 1

Policeman & Attacker Fatally Shot in Manchester Jamaica | TVJ News – Dec 4 2021


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  1. Wow sad to watch this we come from the same area know each other from small
    Rip muss condolences to your family ND friends

    1. Exactly…they have taken our hearts from Jesus and they still can’t solve our problems.
      Jesus sees everything the government was living there lives when this happen.

      How can wr trust them and ask for change.

  2. It’s gonna take more than just “Mr. Prime Minister ‘s” crime plans..We the citizens of every areas in Jamaica need to play our part even if wi haffi tun informa…Dun talk !

  3. Lady, there’s nothing any human goverment can do to stem this tide of violence in Jamaica and elsewhere in the world. You vote this one out and vote another one in, and I guarantee that not only will the problem continue, it will get worse.
    God already told us the problem and the solution.
    If you pick up a Bible, read it and pray to God for direction and understanding, then you’ll learn why things are the way they are and why they’ll be getting worse before they get better.

    1. That’s literally one of the stupidest things I’ve heard in a while. Do some research on crime in other countries with larger population and in some cases poorer countries that Jamaica. Bout bible. Smh

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