1. Trump could have been saying that to a pengalon humping a bat. His own mouth or brain. The law. The part of the country with a compassionate soul. Just about anything

  2. So glad trump is not at the services for the Queen. He would try to make it all about his arrogant self. Maybe even push people out of the way.

    1. Hell, he’d attempt to commandeer the royal hearse for a personal joyride. I am no great lover of monarchy but I’d gladly have Elizabeth II resurrected if it meant Trump could take her place in the grave. She was a thousand times a “better man” than he.

    2. Funny thing is Trump thinks that is what his service will be like. Instead it will be a handful of trucks with flags and empty PBR cans in the gutters.

  3. This man is a real EMPATH which can be extraordinarily hard He luckily also has this unbelievable talent that lets him express it EVERY DAY like a journal and in a way that people can read and smile. Many counselor, psychologists etc advise their patients to keep a daily journal that will help them cope with whatever troubles they are having. THIS is of his own making and wonderful……Steve Brodner……I want this book

  4. ‘He was President. He was supposed to take care of people. And he only took care of one person. Himself.’ Right on.

    1. Well… My wallet was a lot fatter when he was president. Now I’m broke because Joe Dementia is president. Thanks for screwing up gas prices, inflation, education and many others

    1. @Shyreeta Allen “nO It’S nOt.”

      Why don’t they every focus on how great Biden is doing?
      Just all about my King Trump.
      Emperor Trump.

      Your President starting in 2024

    1. My maternal great-grandfather was a political satirist and his main target was President don Pedro Montt of Chili, in the early 1900s.

      His best-known caricature, published in the magazine La Comedia No. 24 of the third period, dated May 23, 1907, depicted President Pedro Montt, his wife Sara del Campo, and the liberal politician Guillermo Rivera. In the cartoon, the President was at the piano and the others were dancing, insinuating Montt was being cuckolded. The magazine was seized and my ggrandfather was severely beaten by Montt’s security police.

      He and his family had to flee Chili literally under the cover of darkness because his life was threatened.

    2. Kind of. I don’t think I could learn anything from a NY, IV league, upper class person with a degree in art.
      I don’t think this man would do a cartoon about Lorie Lightfoot being a sanctuary city and say the cartoon has a bus of migrants show up, and she starts screaming for the national guard, and that they are being invaded by a hostile force, while say the workers have signs saying “LF jobs/food/housing”.

  5. Donald is like a Child. If everything is going okay he took credit, he can handle okay. But, if there was any problems he would try to sweep the problems under a rug or blame anything else. Donald can not handle solving problems, he creates them.

  6. I wish I could afford the book. His drawings are amazing and tell a very accurate story. Yes the photo of Donald Trump… He nailed it.

    1. No, accountability is absolutely necessary for democracy to survive. His depravity is unprecidented, so mo short cuts are allowed.

  7. Even after all that’s happened, there doesn’t seem to be any collective assent to really understand what’s happened. Everything seems to be kept hovering at the surface.

  8. IMO-his works are superbly done capturing the “soul” of his subject. His descriptions of T as always the victim & not being presidential responsible for the people he governs. Solely thinking of himself & what he can gain from being in that position are so spot on.

  9. 2:03 “…he looked after one person…himself.”

    Yet people still voted for him (lots of people).

    Time for America to completely defenestrate Donald Trump.

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