Political Newcomer Wins North Carolina GOP Primary | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. To Republicans, “accepting personal responsibility” means that the operation of economic oppression of the white-male ruling class needs to continue. Their inability to have any empathy for people facing insurmountable hardship because of their white-man-rules should have seen the last of its days, but here we see a young, brainwashed, privileged GOP male standing up to carry on the tradition of boots on necks. So sad for America.

    1. I hat the terminology, but you stupid idiots replying he/she is right. All of you fake “Conservatives” preach personal responsibility, but are the first to take tax money rather than pay for your mistakes. I voted Republican once, and then Orange County the richest county in CA took a state bailout rather than raise sales taxes .0025 to cover it’s risky financial decsions. They threatened bankruptcy which would have wrecked the state’s credit ratings throwing the poor northern counties into bankruptcy. So all of you preaching personal responsibility just realize that Republicans mean that for poor people. It’s not for those too rich to fail.

  2. If Mark Meadows was his “mentor,” he will do nothing to ease the divide in this country. They’re all misanthropists at heart.

    1. @Walt Schmidt I agree. They will never admit it. But they’ve always been the ones wanting to divide rather than unite.

    2. @Joshua Waldorf
      You two are truly Daft aren’t you? Ever watch a trump rally? You’re like a sick religious cult!

    1. He’s already a member. Did you listen to him? Talking about “personal responsibility” when he comes from a Welfare State.

    2. Dench2020

      Huh? Are you sure?! Man if that is true it all makes sense now!!! Christ the Apple doesn’t fall far from the delusional tree!

  3. U will not be able to unite anything while trump in whitehouse … He is not a uniter but. A divider

    1. @Declan Casey So, every rotten, racist thing Dotard has said is not divisive? You are dumber than dirt.

    2. @THE ANGRY QUAD no i think he ill and shd … I hv voted rep and dem. Trump ill see him as a traitor to tump… This man is from what i saw for america

    1. I donated to him twice and I live in Idaho. Every region deserves appropriate representation. So glad he won.

  4. I would be open to listening to new young republicans with fresh ideas but this kid is still talking old republican trickle down values THAT DONT WORK and his white privileged self will fall in line with the rest of them.

  5. He just applied for a cushy job funded by the earnings of working Americans: Congressman. Sounds like welfare to me. 🤔 Responsible for supporting yourself much?

    1. I was disappointed by some of the things he said too, but can’t we find civil discourse again?

  6. Mitch McConnell spent 15 million of Our Tax Dollars to defeat this man…that money should have helped the people that have been affected by this pandemic financially…We are sick of mitch, and his party Robbing Us.
    Vote Mitch McConnell Out, he is a Thief.

    1. Mitch spent 15 million more to make sure Kentuckians can’t vote in the primary, it’s like he helped rig it for himself.

    2. Vote Democrat Republicans have proven to be for the trump policies and practices, Republicans needvto be kept out of the house, Senate and presidency for at least the next 8 years. It will take longer than that to get out and undo the mess trump has led this country to.

  7. Sad to see someone so young also so afraid of the future that he wants to take his nation backwards into the dark ages.

  8. A man in a wheelchair wants to slash “regulations.” Does that include the ADA? Because those are some very expensive regulations.

  9. He seems like a decent guy but it really does pain me to hear new generations of Republicans coming up spouting the same failed economic theories. I would expect him to know that conservative economics, trickle down economics, has been proven to be a failure over and over again. The Republican Party will never change into something viable until they get that.

    Nothing trickles down. It’s been proven repeatedly.

    1. @KZ Hmmmmm ….. so you fire all the inspector generals, steal the money, pay off your political hacks, and pardon all your political operatives. Wowwwww…. that is some form of conservatism. Meanwhile you run up trillion dollar deficits in the Dumb Donald proclaimed greatest economy ever. Maybe Marxism just might be better than corrupt Conservatism.

    2. @KZ No idea what you are talking about. But I can tell you that as an experienced executive who has hired many many managers over decades ….. I would start this guy on some entry level manager training program as he clearly has no idea whatsoever about real policies or how the real world works. And thus is totally unqualified to be in responsible political leadership role. If you take a bank as an example, I would be starting him off as an entry level bank teller to get some real knowledge and experience. He certainly is not now even qualified to be a bank branch assistant manager much less the VP or executive in the national bank HQ.

    1. Do you know how bigoted you sound when you say “one of THEM”
      Get an open mind, you demand people on the right get an open mind, get one yourselves.

  10. He’s still a Republican spouting Republican ideas. Why are you celebrating? Have you gotten a warm fuzzy feeling just because he’s young & pretty? Perhaps his wheelchair carries some weight? What’s the matter with you?

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