Political Will Questioned in Addressing Electricity Theft in Jamaica | TVJ News - June 10 2021 1

Political Will Questioned in Addressing Electricity Theft in Jamaica | TVJ News – June 10 2021


The issue of electricity theft was the talking point at another sitting of Joint Select Parliamentary Committee on Thursday, reviewing the Electricity Act 2015. While condemning the prevelance, one presenter is questioning Jamaica's political will to address the problem.

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  1. You have people would gladly pay but the startup cost is too much for them in some neighborhood

    1. And you have people who are on it for years and a buy dem personal tings like sound system and tv and such but can’t pay to get get them own light but the good haffi suffer for the bad

  2. Well it should go both ways. The law should come up with tremendous penalties went JPS thief us too.

  3. The MPs for certain constituencies are clearly protecting their electricity thieves just like their predecessors protected their gangs.

  4. If jps were prosecuting the power thieves then the legal residence wld pay less but instead jps charging it on the person’s who are paying their Bill’s. Only in ja those things can gwann no other country .ja law is as shady and weak as its leaders.

  5. And most of the time the workers of the Jamaica public service you think they are innocent have a undercover operation amongst the staff at JPS you will never believe the finding at the end of the day but you have to have people from the United States Canada to do that type of work

  6. Sir welcome to Jamaica you do not know what type of people you are dealing with if you think they are who they are and leave the rest up to you it is a very steep Rocky Hill you will never get to the top

  7. Lock them up , i do not luve thee and o am paying $20,000 monthly light bill, my air condition, stove refrigerator freezer washer dryer and not to mention aallllll the giant chandeliers and ceiling fans, my light is under $200 monthly, when i ask jps i was yold the paying customers have to carry the excess cost, i refuse , i dont think thats fair, when my families are agraid to install a bulb because the light bill will go up

  8. The electric company should upgrade it systems and even provide prepaid service.
    Also too many areas in the country that don’t have easy access to electricity especially in some rural areas.
    Smh. Jamaica land I , but the people is never the govt priority.

  9. How Jamaican poor people ago pay them light bills when first of all the bills are higher than them pay check? Fix the poverty problem in the country so everyone on can afford to pay their bills.

  10. JPS is not concerned are worried about electricity theft because JPS gets back there money by over charging hard working people who don’t even have the time to stay home and enjoy the comfort electricity brings…….

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