Politics Expert Says Business Barring Unvaccinated Key To Driving Voluntary Vaccinations 1

Politics Expert Says Business Barring Unvaccinated Key To Driving Voluntary Vaccinations


COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, the resulting surge in infections, and businesses barring the unvaccinated to encourage the resistant to voluntary get vaccinated are discussed by Rep. Ted Lieu, Dr. Kavita Patel, and journalist Tim Miller.
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  1. They should put all 50 goveners together on camera and inject them all with the covid vaccine as a way to encourage all Americans to get vaccinated

    1. Americans are probably more likely to be influenced by their favorite celebrities or athletes doing something than their governors. I don’t think anyone really gives a crap if the governor of their state is vaccinated.

    2. @Uouttooo that’s what I meant. They all have gotten it. They just don’t want their supporters to know.

    3. @Uouttooo that’s what I meant. They all have gotten it. They just don’t want their supporters to know.

  2. In the UK so far, more than 46 million people have had a first vaccine dose – nearly 90% of the adult population – and more than 36 million – about 70% of adults – have had both doses.
    The UK is the ONLY country with over 40 million people with at least 70% of all adults vaccinated.

    1. I think more of the problem here is that of the unvaccinated, more of them are anti Biden than antivax. Right wing media is telling their audience that they are being forced to get it, but in reality are being encouraged to get it.

    2. @JJ E Amen times a million.. You hit is DEAD ON.. It is not even as much Anti Biden himself personally, I don’t think as Anti Democrat at ALL Costs.. and they will go even further to ANTI Republican with any GOP Member who speaks out against Donald Trump Period.. The entire Virus has been Politicized to the point of Insanity..Folks wearing the Anti Vaxxer slogan like a Badge of Honor to show Support for Mr Trump..Of course some of the Un Vaccinated folks do actually fear Vaccines but to so many it has just become a manner of sticking it to the Dems even if in the process they actually die of Covid or expose someone else to it that they dies.. What a tragic lack of Respect for others wellbeing.

    3. @JJ E The UK has a RIGHT WING government. Still following the science and politics is side lined over it all.
      That’s the US, still fighting themselves since 1865.

  3. Put cameras inside Alabama’s ICUs have Trump host reality show while the unvaccinated struggle to breathe

    Weekly elimination rounds and whoever wins gets to have the ventilator for a week.

    Ratings surely gonna go up

    1. Compare South Dakota’s COVID numbers to NY. South Dakota had no mask mandates and have half the death rate. And half the infection rate. MSNBC is under no legal obligation to report the truth.

    2. @Chicken Little Syndrome Can you count past your fingers and toes??? Since South Dakota has ~885K versus OVER 19 MILLION for New York state. Population density is a BIG factor In how Viruses are spread.

  4. OMFG, I can’t believe we have to pander to the unvaccinated and treat them with kid gloves. Where’s an asteroid when you need it. Humanity is done!

    1. @quantumleaper ROBERT Malone is the inventor and he’s not confused with his gender. Shouldn’t people be a little concerned as to why UTube automatically censors on what he says about it?

    2. @MrLobo1776 I doubled check, you NEVER stated the Doctor’s name, you just said ‘He’ created it. At least I stated a name who Google believes invented the Tech for mRNA vaccines. They may be wrong but I would give them a higher chance than someone WHO doesn’t state the Doctor’s name at least until they were pressed to do that. I wonder why you didn’t state his name in the first post, may you know he won’t be the one winning a Nobel for it sometime in the future??? Maybe Youtube knows he is NOT the inventor of the Tech, unlike Katalin who still has videos up about her?

  5. How do you talk to a doctor when the corporatists don’t allow universal healthcare or expansion of Medicare???

    1. Wish I could hit your thumbs up button a million times!!! You win best statement, best question & comment!!!
      Keep those absolute truths coming Brian Johnson every chance you get!!!!!

  6. Mannnn!!!
    At this rate —– We’re going to stuck with this bs for at least another yr…

    Stay safe everyone & have a great night

    1. Just saw Head of Virology say it’s here to stay with more strains coming the longer we have a large population of unvaccinated people. I know, I’m bumming too but good to know as not to let your guard down.

    1. No actually, “politics” is related to the word polite. It is how people in polite society figure out solutions to problems. But when one half of the country decides that they’re no longer going to compromise, as Republicans did under Newt Gingrich in the 1990s, then there really isn’t much the other side can do.

  7. Any experimental gene therapy that tells the cells to produce the covid spike protein and the immune system stands down is called AIDS. Booster shot after booster shot will be needed for as long as you live.

    1. @Tara J. Fitzgerald You may call it a vaccine but it’s not. It’s a experimental gene therapy with untold health ramifications down the road.

  8. To prevent the more contagious delta variant, I would take the vaccine. Covid-19 wasn’t that bad for me.

  9. There used to be an old German proverb that went: ‘Wir sind so dumm, wir wollen sterben gehen.’ Of course, only Alabam would make that into a law (SB 267).

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