Poll: 28% Of Republicans Believe Core Q-Anon Beliefs 1

Poll: 28% Of Republicans Believe Core Q-Anon Beliefs


In a shocking new poll, Public Religion Research found that nearly one in four Republicans believe core QAnon beliefs, such as a “Satan-worshipping pedophile” conspiracy theory. 
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  1. Why is he not arrested for that statement. That is the equivalent of yelling fire in a movie theatre .

    1. @Autumn Bryant I have Neanderthal DNA and could never be in a cult or be a conservative. It’s not DNA making those people crazy.

    2. @Chaos
      Rational People “all talk the same way” about Nazi’s too.

      Facts NOT Feelings

      Now wake up.

  2. Makes sense. About 1/4 of the population is nuts in some way. 1/4 of Americans believe witches are real too.

    1. @Guacamole Kid You are deluded. The violence has been perpetrated by white nationalists and white supremecists, according to arrests that were made.

    2. @Guacamole Kid
      Stop lying…

      Did you not read the PROOF 28% of Q supporters believed VIOLENCE was justified?

      Did you not see the PROOF of Q Supporting Terrorists waving Q flags as they first VIOLENTLY attacked our Police and then Terrorized our Capitol & Constitution trying to subvert our entire Democracy & Republic?

      Facts NOT Feelings

      Now Wake up & Grow Up.

    3. @thegreen iguana
      There are no “Witches”… now grow up & stop defending Q Terrorists as this is Treason.

    4. @Overkall Growing up includes the ability _and willingness_ to face facts. The majority of todays Republican Party is both crazy *_AND_* line toters. The Party now requires full and unquestioning allegiance to Donald J. Trump, denying any serious wrongdoing on his part. Voting records are closely monitored for any sign of resistance. Any deviation means virtual expulsion.
      Examine your position critically.

  3. Mconnell asking them for a “personal favor” to object, is a disgusting abuse of YOUR OATH OF OFFICE.

  4. Most of trailer Green’s followers are fight right wingers, neo-cons, and fascists as well as her multiple anti-Semitic remarks, yet she claims that it’s the democrats that are the Nazis

    1. @rob smith yes, yes, yes! I was thinking exactly that. You can see it in her face. Exaggerated forehead, cheeks.

  5. We need a 3rd party in office. The Republican party does not care about the truth or America is time for them to go

    1. @Chaos Surely you understand that party platforms were completely different than they are today. Why don’t Trump supporter support Democrats if they still reflected slave owning values? Why does the Klan unanimously support Donald Trump, and Republicans today? Fact.

    2. We have a 3rd party, they’re called independents and they have the largest number of registered voters now since everyone is leaving the Republican party.

    3. I’m from Germany and we have – just like any other european nation – a multi-party-system. In our case it’s 6… and that’s a small number because we Germans don’t like experiments. Others have 10 or even 17 parties. We use proportional representation which makes it relatively easy for small or new parties to enter the Bundestag or the 16 Landtags. If a party gets 15% of the votes than it also gets 15% of the seats, it’s that simple. And because of this gerrymandering does simply not exist here because you cannot tweak the election results with drawing crazy fractal districts.If you want at least a 3rd party than throw this outdated antique majority voting into the trash-bin and go for proportional representation and then you will get 10 political parties rather yesterday than tomorrow.

    1. @Mike Hunt67 did u know Trump claimed everything was rigged whenever he lost at something? Whether it was the Emmy Awards, or golf games, he always used the same excuse: “It was rigged, they cheated”. Yes he did this long before he ran for office, that’s why he had such a bad reputation.

    2. I could easily get them triggered. The ones who think we are a christian nation. Well, John Adams and the Treaty of Tripoli would disagree. lol ( and many other issue’s)

    3. @Mike Hunt67 you don’t know Trump at all! You have only believed his lies. If you keep that up you will end up in prison along with the other idiots who are headed there too!

    4. Well once you start an attack against the Government you became an enemy of The United States…And you don’t want that Trust me remember there is no more Hand To Hand Combat…Drones That’s All You Need To Know…In Other Words That’s Not Going To Happen.

    1. 10% of Democrats believe Qanon, and 80% of Democrats which score lower on IQ tests think they’re smarter than conservatives.

    2. Well they believe bc shes pube’lican enemy #1.. visiting all those kids at night. Little do they know someone has to protect their kids from gaetz and other pub-a-philes in government!

    1. @charles fadeley yep,he probably has a whole collection of those made in chyna red hats,he will soon be switching parties,he already has really, what a pretentious goofball is he.

    2. @Charles Lewis umm.. yes they are. 1 in 5 of you insane republicans believes in q anon. 85% of you believe the election was stolen. You are all insane.

    1. @ELLESS that’s right, it’s the content of the sentence which decides whether it’s a fact or not and my sentences are all facts. Fact!

    2. @No Show Joe the military voted for Bidden this time around. The military voted Trump in 2016 like they have always voted Republican but by 2020 the military wanted Bidden or any one besides Trump. Anyone that is advocating for the military should do so knowing the military voted Bidden.

    1. Fascist Mussolini also used to be a lefty, and British Union of Fascists leader Owsald Mosley was a socialist and member of the Labour Party, so basically a Bernie Sanders type. Fact!

    2. Who helped create mk ultra, your slavemaster, and you are not even aware of it

    3. @1776 SAR SUSAN CONSTANT and the volksplumen stratoshleigen?
      Or the Uber-Munster Sturm und Drang?
      Main Gott!! Do these schnauzers know

    4. @Chaos and Trump was a Democrat!! Fact!!!!!!!!!
      The truth is not Left or Right Trollio. The fact is that sociopathic narcissists will use any route to authoritarianism because they, like you, have a loose association with reality and a deep need for validation.

  6. Funny that those who follow the ‘nazi socialist party’s’ talking points all claim affiliation with the GOP….not with the liberals. Just my 2 cents…

    1. Your ‘Liberals’ don’t use talking points. Didn’t you see what happened last Summer?

    2. You might be interested in watching Beau of the Fifth Column on YouTube and his video about Trump’s Accomplishments. It’s in no way a tribute to Trump.

  7. With those numbers, it’s perhaps correct to say that Satan is having a great return on his investments

    “Many shall perish for lack of knowledge”- says our Almighty God, Creator and Father

  8. I think some of these types think they are inside the show, Vikings. Some, Braveheart. Some, The Patriot. They are fantasy role-playing. That’s why I call them cosplaytriots.

    1. When they start a warring against black people, they’re going to find out that it is no longer a game.

  9. The greatest irony has to be that the party that spent the 80s, 90s and 00s telling the us that they loved America and everything it stands for most is now the party that represents the greatest likely destruction of America and everything it stands for.

    1. Maybe that was the plan all along.
      How easy is it for a Totalitarian government to rule, if they have half of the population brainwashed into following them, even prepared to follow an order to storm the Capital building (the rehearsal in which they could learn from).
      It is increasingly appearing as if 2024 may be the final end of Democracy in America.

    2. That’s because in the 80’s and 90’s America was like 85% white.
      This is all happening because of the change in demographics. Those same people in that stood for that message in the 80’s and 90’s are the same people voting Republican today.
      In their eyes they see the country changing they wants to preserve the ways of the 80’s and 90’s.

    1. He did not. Still don’t understand what is facist here. Most of the population here is just stupid ever since federal gov took control. Now, who was the “Majority” that were voting that were probably idiots? Oh hey, Looks like the Biden Wagon.

    1. The agriculture industry is one of the most highly subsidized of U.S. industries. Also, the red states are the most highly subsidized states by the federal government. And they accuse everyone else of being socialists? Can you say, “projection”?

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