Poll: 36% Of Republicans Support Passing Both Biden’s Infrastructure Plans 1

Poll: 36% Of Republicans Support Passing Both Biden’s Infrastructure Plans

Steven Dennis tells Lawrence O’Donnell that Democrats’ strategy to pursue the reconciliation bill on infrastructure in addition to bipartisan Senate agreement will be a complex process, but gives Democrats “one chance to do things that McConnell can’t veto.” Jonathan Alter adds that Biden “has to put points on the board” and infrastructure is the most popular way for Democrats to do that.

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  1. They must be the ones whom drive over deteriorating bridges every day and endanger their life.

    1. Blue states are facing problems with infrastructure s and crimes because of bad leadership!pppprrrfff

  2. Walgreens has a 20% off from July 1 to July 5 for veterans with i.d. and a Walgreens card. I don’t think you can get the ice cream tho.

    1. That reminds me, nine out of ten dentists recommend Crest & Elizabeth Montgomery is the sexist women to have ever lived, but you may have already known that.

  3. Ffs just do legislation for blue states then if the red state senators don’t want to help their constituents let them sort it out and ask the question why.

    1. It’s fake news. People with a brain know that infrastructure isn’t about building roads and bridges. Gotta line some pockets here and make good on promises

    1. @Oppressed Speaker of truth I mean you made a new account. Your feelings were hurt here… see how my account is far older? 😀

    2. When you weak minded people have no argument…you just go after the date an account was made. What’s the point? Why does the date the account was made matter? It’s funny watching you cry over the date an account was made. That’s all you have?

  4. Glad to hear that SIXTY-FOUR PERCENT OF REPS OPPOSE IT. Six TRILLION dollars? Again? Enough waste.

  5. Using charts, graphs, and numbers like they taught you in school. Some never grow out of it. That’s obvious just in the past year alone, during every crisis they placed before you.

  6. 1:40 “Dems paved political future on infrastructure bill” – in political power grab gerrymandering of turning suburbs into Dem Cities and rural areas to suburbs.

    1. not about “points on the board” by funding Dem cities and Rep/Purple suburbs to BECOME Dem cities. All handouts for Dem/Liberal/BigGovt power capture.

  7. Lies. Your polls always skew the numbers, and even with that bias this one shows little support. Very few Republicans support this bill, and with good reason: they know what’s in it.

  8. Republican governments low taxes, small government without transparency or accountability=trickle di trickle da trickery done effects

  9. Relying on framing strategies of persuasion? How pathetic. Another way to put this is: “64% of Republicans reject passing both plans”.

  10. This is by far, the worst administration in our nations history. Why why why would anyone vote for this guy?!?

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