Poll: A Quarter Of Republicans Trust 2020 Election Results | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Poll: A Quarter Of Republicans Trust 2020 Election Results | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Only a quarter of Republicans trust the results of the 2020 election are accurate, according to new polling. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 12/10/2020.
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Poll: A Quarter Of Republicans Trust 2020 Election Results | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. And those are the smart ones (which is a low bar) . But these same people don’t care about voter suppression tactics.

    1. @Wisconsin Man Actually, you did NOT explain why the vote Dem by a huge number. You’re simply implying it. So, go ahead and enlighten us.

    1. “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” — Joe Biden

    1. @Insignificant360 For all the idiotic things they adore in Trump, it all sums up to Trump destroying our democracy, once he does that there is nothing left for anyone. It’s impossible for Trump supporters to see that.

    2. @Loretta Renfro This is the same crowd exposing themselves to coronavirus to Own the Libs. Lemmings martyring themselves for an incontinent toddler con artist.

    3. @Devo how does your first comment relate to anything, all you do is say “well the Democrats did this…” – stop looking at everything as us vs them, this is bigger than politics… There is a terrifying precedent being set here, do you not see that?

    4. @Anthony B ………..
      Read dammit read or else learn it.
      You falsely claim i did not answer your question. I say read my first reply. It has your answer… and then you come and say it doesn’t relate to anything.

      Sigh…. She conceded on the night of the election.
      Afterwards i also point out she says Trump won illegally, an illegitimate president.

      Now if you got any other questions be sure to ask them, maybe i can answer some more. But you do need to learn how to read.

    5. @Devo who cares what she said, Trump can say fraud till the day he dies, again that’s not the problem here… I really hope you can see the difference, between Hillary conceding yet still claiming it was an illegitimate election, vs actively trying to overturn an election, can we at least agree, these are two very different things

    1. @Kevin Bedard Actually it was the Clingons that helped Biden win. Don’t tell anyone. Superman and Batman helped a little too.

    2. If ALL the Democrats, came out in their numbers, they would outnumber all the republicans. But why bother, ?? They don’t have to prove anything. Biden’s win is set in stone.

    3. When a country such as Germany lost its soul to a man like Hitler, the world paid the price. America is losing its soul to Trump. History has a way of repeating itself. Look to your history books for the answers and what is to come.

  2. 2016 : Trump : I will only accept the election if I win….
    2020: Trump : I will only accept the election if I win….

    1. @cuntpunter mcG Think you have that backwards bud. NOBODY but Trump has ever cried fowl before, during and after an election. Dems didn’t win in 2016 and they did not try to undermine the country’s trust in the system after it happened. No violent threats, no plots to kidnap a state official, no thoughts of Martial Law to reverse the states decision, no lawsuits to contest and nullify votes in states not won by them…. this list goes on. So explain to me and others reading this your statement of cheating.
      Looks to me the Trumplicants are the masters at work here.

    2. 2016: russia russia russia (based on a now disproved steele dossier)
      2020: most secure election (1000s of affidavits with video evidence of fraud and impropriety)

  3. I never heard of a president wherever the country saying before the election started that the election was rigged. He was preparing for the patethic retoric justifying his denial of the results

    1. @sir robert jobs are going “bye bye” now and you apparently haven’t been grocery shopping lately, prices are already heading up. And this is happening under trump

    2. @stray fiftynine Nice try stooge ..

      Fact check: Biden campaign staffer not arrested for voter fraud; allegations lack evidence and petition was denied..

      Posts shared on social media claim that Dallas Jones, the Biden campaign’s Texas political director, was arrested for harvesting ballots in a voter fraud scheme. This claim is false.

    1. @mark bodman HEY PARROT, STFU! You parrot in every thread, same old lame shait every time.

    1. @Truth those states are poor for a reason. They’re RURAL. They don’t have big cities. Blue states are just more economically stable.

    2. Lets let the supreme court and the constitution be the judge of who’s the winner…. not you’re opinion

    1. @Yeshua Zeff
      Hmmmmm, so trump 1-51 yet THIS will be the case that overturns this election.

      If they had evidence of massive voter fraud, they would have presented it to the courts.

    2. @Shawn Corbin explain this. Why hasn’t the trump campaign presented evidence of massive voter fraud? They’ve legit lost all but one court case. Let’s face the facts here sparky, your guy lost.
      BIDEN 2020

    3. @mark bodman Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Please wake me when you stop parroting and come up with something interesting.

    1. “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” — Joe Biden

    2. @B Perkie According to the National File, two investigators, including a former FBI agent and former police officer, testified under oath that they have Democratic Party internal documentation, as well as video evidence and witnesses, for their investigation.

    3. @stray fiftynine Testified where under oath? The name of Bidens campaign person? Where did this take place? If it were so Trump would have mentioned it 5 thousand times by now with Guliani, Sydney, Jenna etc…they skipped the 50 losing court cases? Trump didn’t mention it in his speech…hummm…Someone should tell the attorneys and Trump or maybe

    1. lol the russia whining never stopped
      even after the steele dossier was disproved and the mueller report detailed obama using the FBI to spy on the trump campaign
      and now carter page is suing the DOJ and other agencies
      the lie that keeps on taking $100s of millions…

    2. @Cid Sapient you Europeans are obsessed with Trump and United States politics… do yourself a favor and get a life.

  4. The most shocking thing about this sad chapter in America, is how easily so many people have been brainwashed by Trump’s lies.

    1. @mark bodman I have the moral high ground to say that suggesting to inject disinfectants into the body is a absolutely terrible idea

    2. @pat mincarelli He said the money donated to the “Election Defense Fund” would go to the defending election but if you read the fine print most of that money goes to his private agencies. He is reported to be in $500,000,000 in debt once he leaves the white house. Bruh this dude ain’t good on any level as a person. He may be a…”businessman” but that’s all he is. Just a sore loser spreading misinformation to desperately keep his fanbase and to cash out.

    3. @mark bodman Go attend a KKK meating and bring your guns already. Have you got anyrhing INTERESTING to share? No? Then STFU

    1. i think its a joke that trump was screaming in 2020 AND 2016 that the election was rigged. the difference is he shut up real quick after he won in 2016. personally i don’t think it was rigged at all and really anything that gets this banana out of office is fine with me.

  5. “Who will he be”, he will be the same malignant narcissist with sociopathic tendencies and incompetent imbicile .

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