1. Love how CNN has every Democrat candidate up by 1 point lmao. Admit it they’re not leading. If they did it once it would maybe be believable. But all of them. No.

    1. @Tips and Tricks Like when they said Killay was gonna best him in 2016 right? Then made up. Russia story when they got annihilated. Kinda like how democrats will be annihilated in 9 days 不不不不

    2. @Goose~N~Gander so what Hillary lost so did Trump and Biden is still your president so what point are you trying to make. Look do me a favor and send Trump some more of your money.

    3. @Jkarma335 Be realistic the house is gone. The senate is the only thing they MIGHT hang onto. But even that looks lost as the days go by. Sry no blue wave for you 不不

    1. Alleged crimes in which a couple billion dollars, thousands of federal employees, and 6 years of work have turned up nothing ya.

  2. The demonrats had their chance with nobama and dementia joe and both times proved that a demonrat shouldn’t even be allowed to run a lemonade stand.

  3. When we care not about the character of a candidate we get the leaders we deserve, the lies, greed, and corruption. We get politicians who serve themselves and the highest bidders.

    1. @Will get better eventually Those Walker stories are not true. They were reported to the Daily Beast which pays big $$$$$ for lies to print. It’s a rag. Worse than the Enquirer.

    2. @mreshadow Daily Beast lies. Not true. Meanwhile, Warlock is supposed to be a preacher and yet approves of abortion…..and says “God Damn America”. He’s a decisive race hustler like Al Sharpton!

  4. And the poll was conducted where? A republican stronghold district in Georgia? The Walker issue is something to not care about if one isn’t voting for him.

    1. @Richard Reese The best thing, for me, about your interaction with Dr David. Is I have no idea who is actually supporting which side.
      I had no idea the guy donated 90% to democrats. If that’s true then I find it hilarious.
      Long story short, I liked both your comments.

    2. @Liam Don’t tell people what or how much to write! Frankly, the one-liners are a waste of time. Might as well say nothing.

  5. Why don’t you just report the results of the election after the election, instead of trying to affect the election?

    1. @granola funk Is democracy such an unpalatable word that you can’t recognize that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams recognized that the U.S. is a representative democracy?

  6. If the Left Wing media has the polls tide, not good for the Democrats at all – polls ALWAYS are higher for the Dems – looks like a huge night for the Red team to me.

    1. You can pretty much bet that the GOP is going to pickup everyone of those Senate seats and now with the news on the Diesel fuel running out. The bad news just keeps coming for Democrats.

  7. The problem with America… If its the opposition party then its bad.. When it’s your own party then it’s okay..

  8. Isn’t it funny CNN has been telling us about huge Democrat approval for two years – until you get two weeks out.

    I’m watching CNN that Tuesday to see the tears.

  9. Nancy Speech in Georgia: Alcohol is not in my Vodkabulary. However I looked it up on Whiskeypedia and learned if you drink too much, its likely Tequilya!!!

    1. Go where?? Where do you think those ppl are taking you?? Seriously. Where. I would really like to know what you think will be better?

    2. @K Brand better than where were currently at lol the ratings speak for themselves 20% approval rating

      People can disagree all they like but numbers dont lie

    3. That the country left when Trump left the office in grief over 1mil death economy at his knees . From Obama when Trump take over the economy was rising , they have in place a protocol for pandemic which Trump dismantle so think again rocket science wake up the 3rd neuron ( 1 neuron you are alive 2 neurons you can move 3 neuron you can think)

    4. @K Brand Not to answer for Chris, but there are times – when you are at the edge of an abyss – that where you are going is less important then stopping. I don’t know that the Republicans have laid out a clear vision, which they should have. But Americans know that the left has a vision and is pursuing it vigorously – Defunding law enforcement, indoctrinating schoolkids with some really bizarre ideas about sexuality and teaching them to hate their country, allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to crash our “borders,” runaway inflation that is eating away our checkbooks, threats of packing the Supreme Court and eliminating the Senate filibuster. You want to know what will be better? Very simple. It will be better if all of the above is stopped. Beyond that, where the GOP will take us is secondary.

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